What is the fifth step of the OPSEC process?

What is the fifth step of the OPSEC process?

Step 5 – Apply OPSEC Countermeasures Within the Department of Defense after conducting the risk assessment if the amount of risk is determined to be unacceptable, countermeasures are then implemented to mitigate risk or to establish an acceptable level.

What are the five steps of OPSEC for the US Navy?

As stated above, the five steps of the OPSEC process are:

  • Identification of Critical Information.
  • Analysis of Threats.
  • Analysis of Vulnerabilities.
  • Assessment of Risks.
  • Application of Appropriate Countermeasures.

Which step in the OPSEC process requires?

Which step in the OPSEC process requires you to look at your operation through the eyes of an adversary? A is incorrect. The correct answer is C. Identifying Critical Information requires you to look at your operation from both the friendly and adversary perspectives.

What is the first law of OPSEC?

What is the first law of opsec? The first step in the OPSEC process, and arguably the most important: to identify the assets that most need protection and will cause us the most harm if exposed. Analysis of threats.

What is the CIL?

What is the CIL? The Critical Information List. Identifying, controlling, and protecting unclassified information that is associated with specific military operations and activities.

What is OPSEC quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) OPSEC is: a process that is a systematic method used to identify, control, and protect critical information. understanding that protection of sensitive unclassified information is: the responsibility of al persons, including civilians and contractors.

What is OPSEC and comsec?

OPSEC = Operational Security, COMSEC = Communications Security, INFOSEC = Information Security and PERSEC = Personal security. Information that shouldn’t be shared includes things like a soldier’s exact location overseas, info on troop movements, weapons systems etc.

What are good OPSEC countermeasures?

b. A general OPSEC countermeasure strategy should be to: (1) Minimize predictability from previous operations. (2) Determine detection indicators and protect them by elimination, control, or deception. (3) Conceal indicators of key capabilities and potential objectives.

What NSDD 298?

“The objective of National Security Decision Directive 298 is to apply the operations security (OPSEC) process to promote operational effectiveness by helping prevent the inadvertent compromise of sensitive or classified U.S. Government activities, capabilities, or intentions.

What is comsec and OPSEC?

How do you calculate CIL?

How is the CIL calculated? SHOW. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is calculated per square metre. The calculation involves multiplying the CIL charging rate by the net chargeable floor area (based on Gross Internal Area), and factoring in an index figure to allow for changes in building costs over time.

How can I avoid paying CIL?

The most obvious way to avoid paying CIL is not to commence development or to delay commencement. However, you may need to commence development sooner than you might otherwise like to, for example to prevent a planning permission from expiring.

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