What is the comparative of blue?

What is the comparative of blue?

blue ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

adjective blue
comparative bluer
superlative bluest

What is the comparative of color?

Senior Member. In principle you can use the -er comparative; in practice, only a few are commonly used, such as white (“whiter than white”), black, green (“one politician may be greener than another”).

What is the comparative of red?

Comparative degree of ‘red’ is ‘redder’ or ‘more red’.

What is the comparative of green?

Comparative. greener. Superlative. greenest. The comparative form of green; more green.

Is it more blue or bluer?

Comparative form of blue: more blue.

Is Bluer a Scrabble word?

Yes, bluer is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the comparative of pink?

more pink
AdjectiveEdit The comparative form of pink; more pink.

Can we say Reder?

Yes, it’s correct to say or write “redder”, and the rule applies to colors as well. However, this “rule” is based on common usage by native speakers.

What is the comparative of fast?

Adverb Comparative Superlative
hard harder hardest
fast faster fastest
late later latest

What is the comparative of black?

Merriam-Webster implies that the comparative and superlative for black are blacker and blackest.

What is the comparative of yellow?

yellowest. The comparative form of yellow; more yellow.

Do you say redder or more red?

, Grammar teacher , guide and advisor. Rule says red, redder and reddest are the positive , comparative and superlative degree forms. But in Usage “more red’ is frequently used, This fruit is red in colour.

What is the comparative word for the color blue?

The comparitive word for the color blue can have a debate. I choose to say “more blue”, but other people choose to say “bluer”. So I guess either way can be used. Wiki User ∙ 2010-01-25 23:23:00

Are there comparisons and superlatives for some colours?

In English, there are comparisons and superlatives for some colours. Take for example: black, blacker, blackest; blue, bluer, bluest. How about other colours like silver and gold/golden?

Are there any other adjectives for the word blue?

Adjectives for blue include blue, bluer, bluesier, bluesiest, bluesish, blueslike, bluest, bluesy, blueward, bluewards, bluish, blued, blueing, bluesified and

What does comparative mean in Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

com·​par·​a·​tive | \\ kəm-ˈper-ə-tiv , -ˈpa-rə-\\. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : of, relating to, or constituting the degree of comparison in a language that denotes increase in the quality, quantity, or relation expressed by an adjective or adverb The comparative form of happy is happier.

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