What is porali?

What is porali?

Poraali (Tamil: போராளி; English : The Militant) is a 2011 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by Samuthirakani, starring Sasikumar in the lead role. Poraali illustrates an astute fighter who can take on a large, greedy group.

How old is samuthirakani?

48 years (April 26, 1973)

Is Rajavamsam movie released?

Rajavamsam/Initial release

How old is Vishal?

44 years (August 29, 1977)

How old is Vijay?

47 years (June 22, 1974)
Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar/Age

Did Mgr Magan release?

April 23, 2021
MGR Magan/Initial release

What is the real age of Neha Kakkar?

33 years (June 6, 1988)
Neha Kakkar/Age

What is Prabhas height?

6′ 2″

How old is Mohanlal?

61 years (May 21, 1960)

How old is Ajith?

50 years (May 1, 1971)
Ajith Kumar/Age

Who is the ghost in Aranmanai 2?

Sources have revealed that while in ‘Aranmani’ and ‘Aranmanai’ two Hansika played the ghost and Andrea and Trisha as the possessed, in ‘Aranmanai 3’ the female characters will not be possessed.

Who are the actors in the movie Poraali?

Poraali (Tamil: போராளி; English : The Warrior) is a 2011 Indian Tamil action thriller film written and directed by Samuthirakani, starring M. Sasikumar in the lead role. The film, also featuring Telugu actors Allari Naresh and Swati Reddy alongside Niveda Thomas, Vasundhara, Soori and Ganja Karuppu in pivotal roles, released on 1 December 2011.

Where does the story of Poraali take place?

The story begins on a rainy night when Ilangkumaran (Sasikumar) and Nallavan (Allari Naresh) escape from somewhere and enter Chennai with their past actions unclear. They settle at Pulikutti’s (Ganja Karuppu) residence and find jobs in a petrol bunk.

Who is the actor of Sasikumar in Poraali?

In ‘Poraali’, it is Allari Naresh who plays able foil to Sasikumar. Ganju Karuppu and Suri evoke a few laughs, and thankfully the humour never descends into the puerile or double-meaning terrain.

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