What is naphthalene commonly used for?

What is naphthalene commonly used for?

Naphthalene is an aromatic hydrocarbon found in coal tar or crude oil. Naphthalene is used in the manufacture of plastics, resins, fuels, and dyes. It is also used as a fumigant insecticide that works by turning directly from a solid into a toxic vapor. This process is called sublimation.

Is naphthalene harmful to humans?

Acute (short- term) exposure of humans to naphthalene by inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact is associated with hemolytic anemia, damage to the liver, and neurological damage. EPA has classified naphthalene as a Group C, possible human carcinogen.

What is the common name of naphthalene?

Naphthalene is also known as napthene, naphthalin, camphor tar, and white tar.

What is an example of naphthalene?

As an aromatic hydrocarbon, naphthalene’s structure consists of a fused pair of benzene rings….Naphthalene.

Other names white tar, camphor tar, tar camphor, naphthalin, naphthaline, antimite, albocarbon, hexalene, mothballs, moth flakes
CAS Number 91-20-3
3D model (JSmol) Interactive image

Can you sleep in a room with mothballs?

‘ and the answer to this question is yes, potentially. According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), the chemicals use in mothballs can be toxic to humans and pets and as people are exposed to these chemicals that are released as toxic fumes in the air space of the home.

Is smelling naphthalene balls harmful?

Inhalation of naphthalene may cause skin and eye irritation; gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea; neurologic symptoms, such as confusion, excitement, and convulsions; renal problems, such as acute renal shutdown; and hematologic features, such as icterus and severe anemia …

Why is naphthalene banned UK?

3. Why is Naphthalene banned? The substance is banned due to its toxicity to humans, especially children, and its carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties. It is also highly flammable.

Is naphthalene a solid or liquid?

Physical / Chemical Properties: Naphthalene is a white crystalline or colorless to brown solid. Naphthalene has a distinct aromatic odor. Vapor pressure1: 0.087 mmHg.

Is naphtha and naphthalene same?

Naphtha is the root of the word naphthalene, and can also be recognised in the word phthalate, and the paint colour phthalo blue. In older usage, “naphtha” simply meant crude oil, but this usage is now obsolete in English.

Is naphthalene pure or impure?

determination of a melting point, eg for naphthalene (pure substance) or candle wax (impure substance) separation of liquids by distillation, eg ethanol from water, and by paper chromatography.

Where do you put mothballs?

Mothballs must be used in an airtight space, such as a garment bag or well- sealed container. Never place mothballs in an open closet or plastic garbage bag. Once vapors enter the home, their odor can persist for a long time.

Can we keep naphthalene balls in kitchen?

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