What is mysterious about Colonel Pyncheon death?

What is mysterious about Colonel Pyncheon death?

When Colonel Pyncheon fails to greet his distinguished guests, they charge into one of his rooms, only to find him sitting dead at his desk. Blood coats his beard and his shirt. There is no evidence of foul play, but no one knows how he died, and rumors of strangulation persist.

How did Matthew Maule die?

He is also hard to pin down because he was executed for the crime of witchcraft. The fact that he is a convicted wizard gives his name an aura of fear and awe for Salem residents that Maule probably didn’t inspire during his life.

Who was the doctor who announced the cause of Colonel Pyncheon death?

Natural Causes: Dr. Swinnerton determined the cause of death to be apoplexy – which in the late 17th century could mean any internal rupture of organs or blood vessels.

Is there a real house of Seven Gables?

Designated a National Historic Landmark District in 2007, The House of the Seven Gables is best known today as the setting of world-renowned American author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel. Your adventure and historical journey awaits you at The House of the Seven Gables in Salem, MA.

Who was cursed in the House of the Seven Gables?

Colonel Pyncheon – The founder of the Pyncheon family, the colonel was cursed by Matthew Maule. He died on the day that the House was completed, built on the site where Maule’s house had been. Judge Jaffrey Pyncheon – A jurist and political aspirant who lives on a comfortable estate out of town.

Who was the owner of the House of the Seven Gables?

A delicate romance grows between Phoebe and the mysterious attic lodger Holgrave, who is writing a history of the Pyncheon family. The house was built on ground wrongfully seized from its rightful owner, Matthew Maule, by Colonel Pyncheon, the founder of the Massachusetts branch of the family.

How did Alice Pyncheon die in the House of the Seven Gables?

While in a trance, Alice Pyncheon claimed that she knew the secret to the eastern land. Alice Pyncheon died from illness some time later when Matthew Maule ordered her to serve his fiancee and caused her to walk home in the rain.

Who is Holgrave in the House of the Seven Gables?

Holgrave – A daguerreotypist who boards at the house. He is secretly a descendant of Matthew Maule, who had been hanged as a wizard. He falls in love with Phoebe. Phoebe Pyncheon – She is from the country and not a member of the Salem aristocracy.

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