What is Concordia University Wisconsin known for?

What is Concordia University Wisconsin known for?

Concordia University Wisconsin is known for its breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, and in fact, many students will say the campus’ location played a big role in their decision to enroll.

When did Concordia move to Mequon?

Concordia College – now University – moved to a new lakeside campus in Mequon in 1983.

Is Concordia University a party school?

If you want a party atmosphere, do not come to Concordia. There are some students that drink and party, but the focus of the university is very adverse to that objective. Being at Concordia is about being in a Christian community and preparing for careers in the Church, Education System, and World.

Is Concordia a real university?

Concordia College and University is an entity with a primary mailing address in Delaware that represents itself as a real life institution that awards associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees based solely on the purchaser’s work and life experience, with some credits transferred in.

Is Concordia a religious school?

Concordia is a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and it encourages all students to explore and grow their personal religious beliefs.

What does Concordia Mean?

[ kon-kawr-dee-uh ] SHOW IPA. / kɒnˈkɔr di ə / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. the ancient Roman goddess of harmony or peace.

Is Concordia University Wisconsin a religious school?

Concordia University Wisconsin is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.

What division is Cuw?

NCAA Division III
Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) is a private Lutheran university in Mequon, Wisconsin….Concordia University Wisconsin.

Former names Concordia College Milwaukee Concordia College Wisconsin
Nickname Falcons
Sporting affiliations NCAA Division III Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
Mascot Freddy the Falcon

How religious is Concordia Irvine?

It is one of nine colleges and universities in the Concordia University System….Concordia University Irvine.

Former names Christ College Irvine
Type Private
Established 1976
Religious affiliation Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
Endowment $46 million

What is the reputation of Concordia University?

Reputation. Concordia University has placed well in postsecondary school rankings. In the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities rankings, the university ranked 501–600 in the world. The 2022 QS World University Rankings ranked the university 521–530 in the world.

What denomination is Concordia?

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Concordia is a university of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and one of nine colleges and universities of the Concordia University System.

Is Concordia a LCMS?

The Concordia University System (CUS) is an organization of seven colleges and universities and one satellite campus in the United States that are operated by the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS).

When did Concordia University Ann Arbor and Wisconsin merge?

In 2013, Concordia University Ann Arbor (CUAA) merged with Concordia University Wisconsin. This merger was due to low enrollment and financial troubles at the Ann Arbor campus.

Where is the campus of Concordia University Wisconsin?

CUW is famous for our beautiful campus on 200 acres of lakefront property on the shores of Lake Michigan. We are located in Mequon, Wisconsin, which is about 20 minutes North of Milwaukee. Virtual Tour Schedule Visit

When did Concordia University become a full university?

As construction on the modern campus continued throughout the 1980s, the college petitioned its board of regents for full university status on August 27, 1989, and the request was approved for the fall 1990 term, making it the first among the ten Concordia University System campuses to achieve that standing.

What’s the acceptance rate for Concordia University Wisconsin?

The Innate Assessment sets you up for success by pairing you with majors, colleges and careers that fit your unique skills and abilities. Concordia University Wisconsin admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 71%. Half the applicants admitted to Concordia University Wisconsin have an ACT score between 20 and 26.

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