What is a true statement about projectiles?

What is a true statement about projectiles?

TRUE – Absolutely true! Projectiles are objects being acted upon by gravity alone. As such, there is a vertical acceleration but no horizontal acceleration. The horizontal velocity of a projectile is either zero or a constant nonzero value.

Which of these is a shoulder fired grenade with a propulsion?

A rocket-propelled grenade (often abbreviated RPG) is a shoulder-fired missile weapon that launches rockets equipped with an explosive warhead.

Which of these best defines any conventional explosive weapon that is capable of a high order?

Which of these BEST defines any conventional explosive weapon that is capable of a high order of destruction or used in a manner to kill or injure large numbers of people? Hight Yield Explosive.

What occurs when the pressure of an explosion expands and tears the casing of the explosive?

If the explosion is confined within some sort of casing such as a bomb, the pressure will rupture the housing and eject the resulting fragments at high velocity. The remaining energy is transmitted to the surrounding environment in the form of a blast wave, blast winds, ground shock, and fire.

Which of the following is an example of projectile motion?

Flipping a coin—the center of mass is in projectile motion. As you can probably guess, a dude jumping on a moving trampoline is also an example of projectile motion. For these kinds of motions, the following must be true: The horizontal and vertical motion of the object are independent (except for the total time).

What is explosive ordnance reconnaissance CBT?

Reconnaissance involving the investigation, detection, location, marking, initial identification and reporting of suspected unexploded explosive ordnance, by explosive ordnance reconnaissance agents, in order to determine further action. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

What does RPG stand for in fortnite?

Rocket-propelled grenade RPG is the most powerful and the rarest weapon in the game.

What does RPG stand for Military?

rocket propelled grenades
The United States and the Soviets disagreed on almost everything; except the fact that anti-tank infantry capabilities are necessary for decisive offensive combat. The Soviets fear our tanks because of their armor, speed, and firepower and raced us in the manufacture of rocket propelled grenades, also known as RPGs.

What are the effects of explosives?

The basic immediate effects of explosive weapons are: 1) a blast wave—a wave of pressure that radiates out from the detonation at high speed; 2) fragmentation—material is broken up and projected outwards from around the point of detonation, creating high-velocity fragments; and 3) heat—the detonation of explosives …

What are explosives made of?

Chemical composition A chemical explosive may consist of either a chemically pure compound, such as nitroglycerin, or a mixture of a fuel and an oxidizer, such as black powder or grain dust and air.

What is true about primary explosives?

characteristics. Primary explosives detonate by ignition from some source such as flame, spark, impact, or other means that will produce heat of sufficient magnitude. Secondary explosives require a detonator and, in some cases, a supplementary booster. A few explosives can be both primary and secondary depending…

Which pertains to any substance that may cause explosion by its sudden decomposition or combustion?

(noun) An explosive is a compound or mixture susceptible (by heat, shock, friction or other impulse) to a rapid chemical reaction, decomposition or combustion with the rapid generation of heat and gases with a combined volume much larger than the original substance.

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