What is a tropical monsoon forest?

What is a tropical monsoon forest?

monsoon forest, also called dry forest or tropical deciduous forest, open woodland in tropical areas that have a long dry season followed by a season of heavy rainfall. The trees in a monsoon forest usually shed their leaves during the dry season and come into leaf at the start of the rainy season.

What are the characteristics of tropical monsoon forest?

Main characteristic features of the tropical monsoon type of climate are:

  • In tropical monsoon type of climate, there are two dry seasons with low rainfall.
  • There is a distinct rainy season with very high rainfall.
  • Rainfall in the tropical monsoon climate is seasonal in nature and is often irregular and uneven.

Why it is called tropical monsoon?

The summer monsoon causes the heaviest rainfall whenever they blow from the sea to land. The winter monsoon will not cause much rain. Hence india has tropical monsoon climate. eddibear3a and 55 more users found this answer helpful.

Where are tropical monsoon forests are found?

Monsoon forests – otherwise known as tropical deciduous forests – are scattered across equatorial parts of Southeast Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia. Straddling the borders between rainforests and dry areas, they’re characterized by contrast.

What are the types of monsoon?

A monsoon is a large body of wind that brings very heavy rain with it. Monsoons are a very significant part of India’s seasonal climate. Moreover, there are two key types of monsoon in India. The first type of monsoon is the south west monsoon. This monsoon comes in from the sea in the late summer and it sweeps in a northerly direction across India.

What are the characteristics of monsoons?

Characteristics of the Indian Monsoon These winds generally strike the Indian coast in the first week of June, but their arrival and departure may be before time or even it may be delayed. Monsoon is not steady winds. They are irregular in nature affected by different atmospheric conditions i.e. Monsoons are not equally distributed.

What are the characteristics of tropical monsoon climate?

Two dry seasons with a low rainfall:

  • Cool and dry (winter)
  • Hot and dry (summer)
  • Rainy season with very high rainfall
  • High annual temperature (about 26˚C)
  • Seasonal distribution of rainfall
  • High annual rainfall (more than 1800 mm)
  • High humidity
  • Where is the monsoon located?

    Monsoons are located in the tropics, where the specific wind shift that causes them occurs seasonally. When a monsoon occurs in the Northern Hemisphere , there is a southwestern wind in the lower part of the atmosphere that mixes with a northeastern wind in the upper part of the atmosphere.

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