What is a Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser?

What is a Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser?

Thatcham Category 2 is an immobiliser-only category – alarms are not awarded this status. Just like Thatcham Category 1 systems, a Thatcham Category 2 device has to isolate at least two circuits or systems, or one vehicle control unit that’s required for the car to run properly.

How do I know if my car has a passive anti theft device?

In insurance terms, this is any feature preinstalled in your car that makes it harder to steal, or easier to track or recover. We suggest you check your car’s manual or the manufacturer’s site to find out what security features might be installed.

Is my car fitted with a Thatcham device?

Finding out if your car has one fitted can be done quickly and easily by checking your vehicle handbook. This means that they have been approved by The Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, which is an organisation connected to safety and security equipment for cars and other motor vehicles.

What is a vehicle recovery system anti theft device?

A vehicle recovery device is a small transmitter you keep in your car that’s specifically designed to help police find your car if it’s stolen. The best known is LoJack, which uses radio frequency technology.

What is the highest Thatcham category?

Category 5
Thatcham Category 5 is the highest specification stolen vehicle tracking device that is approved by insurers.

What is Thatcham category S7?

Thatcham category S7 is the new classification for vehicle trackers that were previously considered Category 7 or Category 6. Category S7 vehicle trackers offer a range of features from a simple track and locate to products with additional value-added features for extra protection of your vehicle.

Is ignition disable device passive?

Passive Disabling Device • A passive disabling device disables the vehicle by making the fuel, ignition or starting system inoperative. A disabling device is categorized as passive if a separate manual step is not required to engage the device.

Is ignition disable active or passive?

Passive and active anti-theft devices are the two options available when considering an anti-theft system. Passive devices automatically arm themselves when the vehicle is turned off, the ignition key removed, or a door is shut.

What is the best Thatcham category?

Whilst category 1 devices are at the top of the market, vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery and Mercedes-Benz C Class, which have been fitted with Thatcham Category 1 devices since 1998 and 1997 respectively, are still two of the most commonly stolen vehicles(1).

What is immobilizer in car?

The engine immobilizer is a state-of-the-art anti-theft system. When you insert your key into the ignition switch or bring a Smart Key fob into the vehicle, the key transmits an electronic code to the vehicle. Because the transponder chip is embedded in the key or Smart Key fob, it can be costly to replace.

What are the categories of anti-theft devices?

Options are:

  • Category I. An ignition or starter cut-off switch device.
  • Category II. A non-passive fuel cut-off device.
  • Category III. A passive alarm and ignition or starter cut-off/disabling system.
  • Category IV.
  • Category V.

Is FordPass a vehicle recovery system?

Ford is introducing a fully integrated theft recovery service designed to help prevent or mitigate the impact of a vehicle theft. Operated through the FordPass app, 2 Stolen Vehicle Services sends an alert to the owner’s smartphone if an attempted theft is detected.

What are the different types of recovery vehicles?

A typical modern recovery fleet will operate a great diversity of different types of recovery and support vehicles. This will include basic service vans, mobile workshops, lift and tow vehicles often called tow trucks, transporters and trailers. It is not uncommon for them to also operate mobile cranes, road going fork lifts]

What does vehicle recovery mean in the UK?

Vehicle recovery. Recovery can take the form of general recovery, normally of broken down vehicles, or a Statutory Recovery at the request of the police using police powers, conferred in the United Kingdom by Parliament using an Act.

Which is the only stolen car recovery system?

The only stolen vehicle recovery system integrated with law enforcement. Now with connected car features for protection and peace-of-mind. Get more with the new LoJack. Aftermarket sales, inventory and lot management and protection, and customer retention.

Can a disabled vehicle be called a recovery vehicle?

It is not sufficient to deliberately disable a vehicle – for example, disconnect the battery – to call it disabled for the purposes of defining a recovery vehicle. However, recovery of a broken-down vehicle applies to roadside scenarios or vehicles situated within private premises.

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