What is a core support?

What is a core support?

Resource (RSP) Core Support services are specialized academic instructions to support the needs associated with assisting a student with a disability access his or her standards-based curriculum.

What is a radiator core support?

A radiator support is a steel, plastic, or aluminum frame that holds the radiator and the radiator cover in place. It also attaches your radiator to the side aprons and the upper and lower rails of your engine assembly frame.

How do you install a radiator support?


  1. Remove any attached parts to gain access to the radiator support bracket bolts. Remove the radiator support bracket bolts.
  2. Remove the radiator support brackets.
  3. Install the new radiator support brackets. Check both sides to verify all parts that are attached are not damaged.
  4. Install the support bracket bolts.

What can I use my core supports for?

Core supports budget Daily Activities (e.g. assistance with self-care activities during the day or evening) Assistance with Social and Community Participation (e.g. supports to enable you to engage in social or recreational activities)

What does core supports mean in a NDIS plan?

Core Supports budget For example, assistance with everyday needs, household cleaning and/or yard maintenance. Consumables. Consumables. Everyday items you may need. For example, continence products or low-cost assistive technology and equipment to improve your independence and/or mobility.

Is the radiator support part of the frame?

The radiator support is therefore an integral component of the vehicle’s frame. Most support assemblies for the radiator are designed to last as long as the engine, but they are constantly exposed to harsh elements so this is not always guaranteed.

What should be included in an assembly drawing?

Assembly Drawings must provide sufficient information to enable the assembly of a component. • Assembly Drawings must have a number of views to show how parts fit together. • Section views to show how parts fit and to eliminate hidden detail.

What happens if you hit the top of the center support bearing?

The top of the center support bearing may be sharp and cause serious cuts to hands, knuckles and fingers. Plus, there will be a tremendous amount of dirt, grime and debris under your vehicle. Since you’ll be looking upward, it’s likely that this debris will fall into your eyes.

Why do we need to know about core functions?

Decision makers and stakeholders will be able to view trends in core function budget allocations as well as changes in funding allocations across agencies. Core functions also provide valuable information such as comparability between agencies related to services provided and results achieved.

How to install radiator core support pin 18-23?

Image #13: The radiator core support cushion kit PIN 18-23 includes the cushions and shims to mount a stock or tubular core support. Place just the upper cushion on the frame and install the tubular core support using the supplied 3/8″ X 2-1/2″ bolts , flat washers and lock nuts.

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