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What is a bookhouse?

What is a bookhouse?

Filters. A repository for books, library; store of books. noun.

What is the My Book House series?

My Book House is a series of books published from 1920-1971. The series is a collection of literature for children, including wonderful stories, poems, and biographies. Each of the books is graded by age from nursery to junior high school.

How many volumes are in my book house?

The six volumes include In the Nursery (Volume 1); Up One Pair of Stairs (Volume 2); Through Fairy Hall (Volume 3); The Treasure Chest (Volume 4); From the Tower Window (Volume 5); and The Latch Key (Volume 6). Volume 6 also includes an index to the series.

Where did the wooden book houses come from?

Wooden Book Houses: According to Dorothy Loring Taylor, these charming sets were created for the Chicago Century of Progress exhibition of 1933-34 as promotional items. They are not uncommon, but usually have condition flaws.

Is the book house complete set a collector’s item?

A lot of Book House sets pass through our business and I can assure anyone that this set is very rare. A collector’s item, as well as a beautiful set for a family. The 17th printing, or edition, was published in different formats, before the 12 vol set became standard.

How much is my book House on hold?

ON HOLD My Book House, 11th printing, 6 volume black “Castle” binding VG+ to VG+. #9313 Assembled set. $190 My Book House 13th printing, 6 volume black “Castle” binding VG to VG+ nice vol 1, scratched plates #9314 Assembled set. $185 SOLD

How much is my book House by Olive Beaupre?

My Book House, first,”A” printing. All points. 6 volume black set with “Blackstone” binding. #9315 G- to VG. Assembled set. $155 My Book House, 7th, or G, printing. 6 volume black “Castle” binding VG to VG+. #19552 Original set. The illustrations on this page are taken from this particular set.

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