What is a biconcave deformity?

What is a biconcave deformity?

The vertebral body deformity may include: “wedge fractures” when the anterior height of the vertebral body is less than posterior, “biconcave or lens fractures” when the central height of the vertebral body is lower than the anterior and posterior, “crush fractures” when the entire vertebral body height is reduced …

Why do sickle cell patients have fish mouth vertebrae?

The consecutive vertebral central depression seen in sickle cell anemia vertebrae is known as “fish-mouth” (Figs. 1, 2) vertebrae due to the similarity of upper vertebral inferior endplate together with lower vertebra superior endplate and a fish with opened mouth [1] (Fig. 3).

What causes fish vertebrae?

The fish‐vertebra sign is a smooth deformity of the vertebral bodies, with a characteristic biconcave body occurring as a result of squared‐off depression of the vertebral end‐plates and compression by adjacent intervertebral discs.

What is a vertebra on a in a fish?

Fish vertebra, also known as codfish vertebra, describes the biconcave appearance of vertebrae (especially lumbar vertebrae).

Is a DEXA scan a bone scan?

A bone density scan, also known as a DEXA scan, is a type of low-dose x-ray test that measures calcium and other minerals in your bones. The measurement helps show the strength and thickness (known as bone density or mass) of your bones. Most people’s bones become thinner as they get older.

What is Singh’s index?

The Singh Index (SI) is a simple, semiquantitative evaluation tool for diagnosing osteoporosis with plain radiographs [12]. The SI is based on the trabecular pattern of the proximal femur and classifies osteoporosis into six grades.

What is rugger jersey?

Rugger jersey spine describes the prominent endplate densities at multiple contiguous vertebral levels to produce an alternating sclerotic-lucent-sclerotic appearance. This mimics the horizontal stripes of a rugby jersey. This term and pattern are distinctive for hyperparathyroidism.

Is fish a vertebra?

Fish are vertebrates. All vertebrates are built along the basic chordate body plan: a stiff rod running through the length of the animal (vertebral column or notochord), with a hollow tube of nervous tissue (the spinal cord) above it and the gastrointestinal tract below.

How do you identify a fish vertebrae?

Fish vertebrae have a solid, almost spool shaped central body or centrum whose ends are both concave….Fish bones are:

  1. Light weight.
  2. Glossy and semi-translucent.
  3. No spongy bone.
  4. Flat and angular, lots of ridges and holes. These suckers are complex!

Where is the vertebrae on a fish?

The vertebral column of fish is differentiated in two regions: the trunk vertebrae, which cover the portion of the body between the skull and the tail, and the caudal spine [50].

Is a fish a vertebrae?

What is a bad t score for osteoporosis?

A t-score less than or equal to -2.5 in any bone indicates osteoporosis. Osteopenia, decreased bone density not considered low enough to constitute OP, is diagnosed with a score between -1.0 to -2.5. Normal readings are greater than -1.0. Treatment is warranted with an osteoporosis diagnosis.

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