What is a antonym for referendum?

What is a antonym for referendum?

▲ Opposite of an election or the process of voting. disenfranchisement.

What is difference between plebiscite and referendum?

Some definitions of ‘plebiscite’ suggest it is a type of vote to change the constitution or government of a country. The word, ‘referendum’ is often a catchall, used for both legislative referrals and initiatives.

What is referendum quizlet?

A referendum is a process for constitutional change in which proposal is voted on by the public. A Bill must be passed by both houses of Parliament for a Referendum to be put to the people.

Why do we have referendums?

Referendums have been held in Australia to approve parliament-proposed changes to the Constitution of Australia or to the constitutions of states and territories. Voting in a referendum is compulsory for those on the electoral roll, in the same way that it is compulsory to vote in a general election.

What part of speech is referendum?


part of speech: noun
inflections: referenda, referendums
definition: the submission of a legislative measure to a vote by the general public, or the vote thus taken. In a state referendum, the voters opposed lowering the drinking age to 18.The matter was decided by referendum.
related words: ballot

What is the synonym of referendum?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for referendum, like: election, the-vote, choice, poll, national-assembly, plebiscite, mandate, vote, ballot, parliament and presidential election.

What does plebiscitary mean?

(plĕb′ĭ-sīt′, -sĭt) 1. A direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal: The new constitution was ratified in a plebiscite. 2. A vote in which a population exercises the right of national self-determination.

Is direct democracy?

Direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy in which the electorate decides on policy initiatives without legislative representatives as proxies. This differs from the majority of currently established democracies, which are representative democracies.

What is a public referendum?

The REFERENDUM allows citizens, through the petition process, to refer acts of the Legislature to the ballot before they become law. The primary purpose of both is to give voters an opportunity to approve or reject laws either proposed or enacted by the Legislature.

What is a referendum quizlet political science?

Referendum. A state-level method of direct legislation that gives voters a chance to approve or disapprove proposed legislation or a proposed constitutional amendment. You just studied 12 terms! 1/12.

Has the US ever had a referendum?

Between 1904 and 2007, some 2231 statewide referendums initiated by citizens were held in the USA. 909 of these initiatives have been approved. Perhaps even greater is the number of such referendums that have been called by state legislatures or mandatory—600 compared to 311 civic initiatives in 2000–2007.

What is double majority in Australia?

For a referendum to be successful and the alteration to the constitution to be passed, a double majority vote must be achieved, which is: a majority of voters in a majority of states (at least four of the six states) a national majority of voters (an overall YES vote of more than a 50 per cent).

What is the purpose of a referendum?

A referendum is a measure put to a direct vote before the electorate rather than through their elected representatives. Also known as a ballot question or plebiscite, referenda — the plural of referendum — ask voters to approve or reject a change to the law; the result typically is legally binding.

What is a referendum like?

A referendum is a direct and universal vote in which an entire electorate is invited to vote on a particular proposal and can have nationwide or local forms. This may result in the adoption of a new policy or specific law. In some countries, it is synonymous with a plebiscite or a vote on a ballot question. Some definitions of ‘plebiscite’ suggest it is a type of vote to change the constitution or government of a country. The word, ‘referendum’ is often a catchall, used for both legislative refe

What statement is the best description of a referendum?

The statement that best describes the recall, referendum, and initiative provisions is this: They give people the power over their laws and government officials. Hope this answer helps.

What is the process for a referendum?

The referendum process is essentially the same in every state. First, there must be a petition for referendum that states, among other things, the title and nature of the legislative act the petition seeks to have submitted for referendum. The petition is then circulated for signatures.

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