What happens in chapter 6 of the Sign of the Beaver?

What happens in chapter 6 of the Sign of the Beaver?

In Chapter Six of Elizabeth George Speare’s The Sign of the Beaver, Matt finds himself immediatly trusting the Indian who saved and cared for him. The Indian’s name is Saknis, from the family of the beaver. Saknis suggest that his grandson Attean will hunt for Matt and Matt will teach Attean to read.

Why does Attean tell Matt the rabbit?

It is not right to kill a mother bear, but Attean had no choice, and he asks for forgiveness. Attean then gives Matt a rare compliment, saying he had good instincts and moved fast ”like an Indian”. He also reminds Matt to take his squished rabbit, since Attean’s tribe doesn’t waste any good meat.

What happened in chapter 4 Sign of the Beaver?

Matt’s entire food supply has been ravaged and destroyed. At first, Matt thinks Ben has come back and stolen his food, but then he realizes Ben wouldn’t have wasted food by making such a mess. It must have been a bear. Sadly, Matt realizes he must have forgotten to fasten the front door when he left.

What is Matt’s role in killing the bear in Sign of the Beaver?

To sum it up: Matt throws a rabbit at the bear. He shoots the bear with an arrow and then kills her swiftly with his knife. He also requests her forgiveness for doing so. Attean praises his friend’s quick thinking.

What happened in Chapter 7 Sign of the Beaver?

Matt wakes the next morning with slight foreboding about the task of teaching Attean to read. He decides that Attean might not even show up for his first lesson, and if he does, he probably will not get very far into the alphabet before he quits the lessons altogether.

What did Matt agree for Saknis?

What does Saknis agree to do for Matt, and what does Matt agree to do for Saknis? Saknis will have Attean bring food and Matt will teach Attean to read.

Why does Attean smear his body with grease?

Because he felt that it must be nice for Attean to just hunt and fish all day long and not have any work to do. The Indians were dressed in their finest clothing. There was dancing, feasting, joking, storytelling, and an overall good feeling. Attean had washed his body and it shone with fresh grease.

Why do you think Matt tried to save Attean’s dog?

Why do you think Matt tried to save Attean’s dog? He did not want to see a dog suffer. He wanted to be respected by the Indians. He got to go to Attean’s grandmother’s house.

What did Matt Eat In The Sign of the Beaver?

Even though the squirrels and rabbits mock him (figuratively—no talking squirrels here), Matt gets used to life without a rifle. He eats fish and berries, works on the garden, and gets excited for his family’s return in a few weeks.

What caused Attean’s dog to have such a strange nose?

What causes Attean’s dog to have such a strange nose? Attean’s dog had a strange nose because it had a painful encounter with a porcupine. The sign of the beaver is the mark made by the people of Attean’s tribe to show their hunting grounds.

What does Attean say to Matt after he kills the bear?

Attean explains that apologized to the bear for killing her; he did not want to kill a mother bear, and he asked her to forgive him. Then Attean compliments Matt by telling him, “You move quick […] like Indian” (15.17), which is something Matt’s been yearning for pretty much since the day he met Attean.

What happens in chapter 9 of The Sign of the Beaver?

In chapter nine of The Sign of the Beaver, the protagonist and another character share their skills, so that each may benefit from the other’s. The protagonist teaches an Indian boy, Attean, to read, and, in exchange, Attean brings him food that he has hunted. This contract is the start of a new friendship.

What happens in Chapter 3 of the sign of the Beaver?

In Chapter Three of The Sign of the Beaver, the protagonist is put in a difficult position: having to choose between his own survival and showing charity to a stranger, Ben who asks for dinner. Matt decides to show charity, welcoming the stranger into his home.

Who is Audrey in the sign of the Beaver?

Audrey is a doctoral student in English at University of Maryland. This lesson provides a summary of characters and plot in Chapter Three of Elizabeth George Speare’s 1983 novel, The Sign of the Beaver. This lesson also analyzes the chapter’s significance in relation to the novel’s broader themes.

Is the sign of the Beaver a retelling of Robinson Crusoe?

The Sign of the Beaver is in many ways a retelling of Daniel Defoe’s early eighteenth-century novel Robinson Crusoe, the novel Matt chooses for Attean’s ill-fated reading lessons. Like Crusoe, Matt is stranded in a wilderness.

Who is Ben in the sign of the Beaver?

The man identifies himself as Ben, and ‘deliberately taking his time, looking over the cabin and the cornfield.’ Matt struggles to answer the stranger. On the one hand, he is nervous about admitting someone that could hurt him or steal from his family. On the other hand, he believes it is important to be gracious and hospitable to those in need.

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