What happens if the police find drugs in your house?

What happens if the police find drugs in your house?

When drugs are found in your house or car, it’s likely you’re going to get charged. Unless the police have another suspect, you’re the one who will be charged with possession. However, that doesn’t mean you’re unable to get acquitted or have your case dismissed.

Can the police search your room?

In general the police do not have the right to enter a person’s house or other private premises without their permission. However, they can enter without a warrant: when in close pursuit of someone the police believe has committed, or attempted to commit, a serious crime, or. to sort out a disturbance, or.

How investigators determine the elements of drug trafficking?

The elements of the crime of possession with intent to distribute or drug trafficking are: The exercise of control over the controlled substance; Knowledge that the substance was present; Knowledge that the substance was a narcotic drug, dangerous drug, prescription-only or other illegal drug; and.

What to do if there are drugs in your house?

But being around drugs or having them in your home or car can lead to significant legal risk. Call an attorney if you find drugs in your furniture, drawers, or home later. Disposing of them yourself has its risks, so your safest option is to call an attorney first.

How do police investigate grow houses?

In some cases, officers can take out search warrants and use special equipment to detect if marijuana is being grown inside a house. Even without a warrant, law enforcement officers can sometimes detect radio interference from grow house equipment and use that to identify a grow house.

How do I know if I am under investigation?

Signs of Being Under Investigation

  1. The police call you or come to your home.
  2. The police contact your relatives, friends, romantic partners, or co-workers.
  3. You notice police vehicles or unmarked cars near your home or business.
  4. You receive friend or connection requests on social media.

How do you prove possession of a drug?

To prove possession with intent to sell, prosecutors may present evidence such as digital scales, baggies, large quantities of the drug, large amounts of cash in small bills or testimony from witnesses. Also, some states have created separate categories of certain drugs, treating them separately.

Who is responsible for drugs in a house?

Generally speaking, if you are the only person who lives in a home where drugs are found, you will be charged with possession as it is assumed you could exercise control over the substance and knew it was there.

Can police read your texts without you knowing?

Authorities can get access to unopened email messages from the last 180 days, but they must get a warrant, first. The police may obtain your opened and unopened messages that are 180 days old or older with a subpoena. But they have to let you know once they’ve requested this access from the provider.

How do you know if your Neighbour is growing drugs?

Neighbours – you are the key. You should be suspicious if people are coming and going from the premises often and only staying for short amounts of time. You should also look for blacked out windows and there may also be considerable heat coming from the premises.

Can you be charged with drug possession after the fact?

You can, in fact, be charged with possession even if your drug use occurred sometime in the past, if you are found with drug residue to be in your possession.

Can a police officer search your garage for meth?

Example: Police officers ring your doorbell and ask for permission to search your garage for evidence of a methamphetamine lab. If you say yes, they can lawfully search in the garage, but not in other areas of the house, unless there is another basis (beyond your consent) allowing the search to expand beyond the garage.

What happens if drugs are found in Your House?

If drugs are found in your home or vehicle, then you will usually be arrested, but that doesn’t mean you are guilty. Police will do whatever they can to get you to either confess or at least say something that will hurt your defense later on. This is why you need to wait until your attorney is present before agreeing to speak with the police.

Can a police officer search your house in plain view?

The most common exception is something called the “plain view” exception. If the police are in your house lawfully (for example, because you called them to report a burglary or your spouse called them to report an assault) and the police see drugs in plain view, they can arrest you for possession. However, they can’t search the rest of the house.

Can a police officer search your home without a warrant?

Your home receives the highest protection under the law, and as such, police cannot search your home for drugs without a warrant. There are very few exceptions to that. The most common exception is something called the “plain view” exception.

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