What happened to the black kicker from the Raiders?

What happened to the black kicker from the Raiders?

King was selected by the St. Louis Battlehawks in the 2020 XFL Supplemental Draft on November 22, 2019. He played in 5 games with them, and had 19 punts for 868 yards. He had his contract terminated when the league suspended operations on April 10, 2020.

Is Ray Guy the only punter in the Hall of Fame?

However, in 2014 Guy accomplished an even greater achievement by being the first, and still, the only punter, inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after a brilliant career that included playing on three Super Bowl champions with the Silver and Black.

Has a punter ever made the Hall of Fame?

A six-time NFL All-Pro, Guy is widely considered to be the greatest punter of all time. With his induction to the Hall of Fame on August 2, 2014, he became only the second pure kicker (after Jan Stenerud) and the first pure punter so honored.

Who was the kicker for the Oakland Raiders in the 70s?

George Blanda
“I never say ‘This is my biggest thrill. ‘ It’s what you can do tomorrow that’s important.” George Blanda played pro football for 26 seasons – longer than any other person. However, he’ll probably be remembered best for his 1970 season with the Oakland Raiders.

What happened to NFL punter King?

King has been out of the NFL since a rocky 2018 stint with the Denver Broncos. The former Raiders punter went from one of the best in the league to out of a job. On Monday morning, as a last-ditch attempt, King tagged the NFL on Twitter and wondered why he couldn’t punt for a team if he was good enough.

What does an NFL punter do?

A punter (P) in gridiron football is a special teams player who receives the snapped ball directly from the line of scrimmage and then punts (kicks) the football to the opposing team so as to limit any field position advantage.

Who is the highest drafted punter?

Professional career Anger was selected in the third round, 70th overall, in the 2012 NFL Draft, becoming the highest drafted punter since Todd Sauerbrun was drafted 56th overall in 1995, and the first punter drafted by the Jaguars since 2007.

What was Ray Guy’s longest punt?

His longest punt in the NFL was a 74-yarder against Denver in 1977. In the 1980 AFC Championship Game, he boomed a 71-yarder against San Diego. Besides being a long-distance punter, Guy specialized in putting opponents in poor field position with his pinpoint punts.

Who is the greatest punter in NFL history?


Rank Player Y/P
1 Shane Lechler 47.6
2 Michael Dickson 47.5
3 Tress Way 47.0
4 Cameron Johnston 46.9

Who played for the Raiders in the 70’s?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Daryle Lamonica* 179 for 356, 2,516 yards, 22 td, 15 int, & 8 rushes for 24 yards and 0 td
RB Charlie Smith 168 rushes for 681 yards, 3 td, & 23 catches for 173 yards and 2 td
FB Hewritt Dixon* 197 rushes for 861 yards, 1 td, & 31 catches for 207 yards and 1 td

Who is the oldest active kicker in the NFL?

The only other NFL player to do this is former Giants kicker John Carney, who played from 1987-2010. Tom Brady turns 44 tomorrow. Since Brady began his career back in 2000, he still has a while before his career is worth four decades….Oldest NFL players in history.

Player Vinny Testaverde
Retirement Age 44
Position Quarterback
Years Active 1987-2007

Who is the best punter in the NFL?

Ranking the top 10 NFL kickers and top 10 punters heading into the 2021 regular season

  • Jack Fox, Lions.
  • Corey Bojorquez, Rams.
  • Brett Kern, Titans.
  • Johnny Hekker, Rams.
  • 4. Logan Cooke, Jaguars.
  • Jake Bailey, Patriots.
  • Tress Way, Washington.
  • Michael Dickson, Seahawks.

Who was the punter for the Oakland Raiders?

William Ray Guy (born December 22, 1949) is an American former football punter for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders of the National Football League (NFL).

Who was the coach of the Oakland Raiders in 1960?

The 1960 Oakland Raiders season was the inaugural one for the franchise and for the American Football League. Head coach Eddie Erdelatz led the team to a 6–8 finish, third out of four teams in the Western Division.

Who is Ray Guy of the Oakland Raiders?

Player stats at Pro Football Hall of Fame. College Football Hall of Fame. William Ray Guy (born December 22, 1949) is an American former football punter for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders of the National Football League (NFL).

Who are some famous players from the Oakland Raiders?

Willie Brown is another of the most iconic players in Raiders history, and another member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Most often remembered for his Super Bowl XI interception return on the way to a Raiders victory, Brown is was easily one of the best cornerbacks of his era.

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