What happened to Pockie Ninja 2 Social?

What happened to Pockie Ninja 2 Social?

Pockie Ninja II Social was a browser-based, innovative tactic MMO game published by Game321, featuring cute anime-styled ninjas. The game has been terminated/removed and no news have been heard concerning a possible sequel yet.

What happened to Pockie Ninja Reddit?

Our prior and ultimate goal is to re-establish the older game known as Pockie Ninja, which was cancelled and reverted into Russian language, into a newer and collective-made English version – the OG language that we all wanted!

Where to play Pockie Ninja?

Go to the Pockie Ninja website at http://ninja.game321.com/ and register. You can create an account by filling out a form with an email address, a user ID, and a password. You also have the option to log in via a Google, Yahoo, or Facebook account.

Is Ninja saga still available?

The Ninja Saga game that you love that brought millions of players all around the globe and has been one of the longest running ninja mmorpg on Facebook will be temporarily out of service due to the ending of Adobe Flash Player in all major browsers by the end of December 31st, 2020. …

Can you still play Ninja Warz?

Ninja Warz, a popular combat strategy game played by millions on iPhone, iPad, Facebook, and other platforms, is returning to the online gaming community with a unique twist – non-fungible tokens. …

What type of game is Pockie Ninja?

martial arts action game
Pockie Ninja is a free to play mobile anime themed martial arts action game which lets you become a Pockie Ninja hero! Featuring characters from Bleach and Naruto, fend off evil forces, protect the innocent, and bring peace to the world. Pockie Ninja is a revolutionary anime-inspired webgame.

Can you still play ninja saga 2021?

Is Ninja saga still playable in Android?

Ninja Saga is on Android NOW! The most exciting RPG game ever! It lets you create your own ninja and experience a different world, let’s bring them out together!

How do you get ninja Warz?

Anyone can become an early investor by participating in the pre-sale whitelist competition exclusively held on the Ninja Warz Discord server found on the official Website, or Twitter page. The Ninja Warz Discord server is rapidly growing in community size, with over 7,000+ active community members in the first 10 days.

How can I play old games on Facebook?

To start playing against one your friends just open up a conversation or start a new one, click on the plus sign next to the text box and select the ‘Games’ option.

Is Ninja saga going away?

Ninja Saga will not be available after December 31st because it runs with Adobe Flash, which will be shutting down soon. After this date, you will no longer be able to play the game and all in-game purchase items will be forfeited.

Why is Ninja Saga removed?

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