What happened to Bionicle website?

What happened to Bionicle website?

On June 19, 2013, was shut down alongside, due to the cancelation of Bionicle. The website was reinstated on September 24, 2014, with a teaser page for the 2015 BIONICLE return.

Why did Lego stop making Bionicle?

Discontinuation. On November 24, 2009, Lego announced that production on new Bionicle sets would cease after a final wave was released in 2010. The decision was made due to recent low sales and a lack of new interest in the theme, possibly brought on by its decade-long backstory and lore.

What is Bionicle com? was the official Bionicle/Lego website. There you can find building instructions, games and the Kanoka Club (an online ‘club’ where you can play special games such as MNOG or you can enter codes from Bionicle canisters/containers to get points).

What are old bionicles worth?

Original Tohunga Sets Originally retailed for free as promotional sets, currently sell for around US $15 and up on eBay and Bricklink.

Will BIONICLE come back in 2021?

Bionicle is making its third return to the world of LEGO following a rejected project on LEGO Ideas thanks to the new BrickLink Designer Program. BrickLink is including 31 projects in the new Designer Program, one of which is The Legend of the Bionicle. …

Is BIONICLE coming back?

How much did bionicles cost?

They come in groups of six, although nowadays there is more than one set of six. In fact, there have been two series of canisters every year except 2001 and 2010, the first and last years of the original BIONICLE saga. They are priced $6.99 to $12.99 or £4.99 to £10.99.

What is the most expensive Bionicle?

In 2014 the mask’s current owner Andre O’Hurley a Utah based collector who operates The Bionicle Archives page on Facebook bought the mask from a Lego reseller for $15,000. Andre’s latest estimate for its value is near $29,000 as such the Platinum Avohkii is considered the single most expensive Lego piece in existence!

Will there be new bionicles?

Bionicle is making its third return to the world of LEGO following a rejected project on LEGO Ideas thanks to the new BrickLink Designer Program. Back in 2019, a project was submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform proposing a tribute to LEGO Bionicle, a theme that featured buildable action figures and a multi-year story.

Will Bionicle come back in 2021?

Are old bionicles worth anything?

What is the most expensive BIONICLE?

Is there a link to the old Bionicle website?

So I found out how to get to the old bionicle website from 2008 and you can still go further back. Here’s the link. Nifty. Yep! I love that site. I go onto there fairly often, just for the nostalgia of the old And yes, you can go further back.

When did the Lego Bionicle line come out?

BIONICLE was a line of toys and a storyline made by the LEGO Group that is marketed towards those in the 7-16 year-old range. The line was launched in January 2001 in Europe and June/July 2001 in the United States.

What are the three virtues of the Bionicle?

The 3 Virtues: Unity, Duty and Destiny, most notable symbol of BIONICLE The year 1997 was an absolutely horrid time for the LEGO company. For the first time in the history of the company, it had posted a loss. The LEGO Company needed a change in order for it to appeal to this new generation of youngsters.

When did Bionicle change to Mata Nui Saga?

The Bionicle theme has changed from year to year (the theme now is the Mata Nui Saga for 2010). There is now no Story Archive link on the Kanoka Club as of 2009. On Friday, June 7th, 2013, LEGO sent an e-mail to a user, Shougun70 announcing the upcoming closure of the site:

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