What happened at the end of my brother Sam?

What happened at the end of my brother Sam?

My Brother Sam is Dead ends with Sam’s death. He is the narrator’s brother, Tim, and his death is the consequence of a misunderstanding.

How did Tim realize his father was in trouble?

Tim comes to a space where the horse’s tracks are surrounded and intermingled with tracks of many other horses and then trail away on the road. Tim knows instantly that Father has been ambushed by the cowboys.

Why did Tim go to the execution?

Throughout the young adult novel My Brother Sam is Dead by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier, Tim idolizes Sam. Sam is his outgoing, impetuous. older brother. Tim attends Sam’s execution out of guilt and solidarity for his brother.

How does Tim describe Sam’s execution?

On the day of the execution, Tim observes without emotion or judgment. With a matter-of-fact description, Tim reports what he sees: Sam’s head covered by a sack and the guns’ distance from his body, and finally, the sound, the fire, and Sam’s jerking body.

How did Tim scare away the cow boys?

What does Tim do to scare off the cowboys? He asks the cowboys if they are the escorts, he told them his father called for escorts to keep them safe from the cowboys. A dog barks and the cowboys run off.

How did Tim escape the Cowboys?

How does Tim outsmart the cowboys who stop him on his way home? Tim outsmarts the cowboys by making up a story and pretending that he thinks they are escorts sent to help him travel safely. The cowboys believe an escort is coming and leave him alone.

What were Timothy McVeigh’s final words?

He also considered his last words, which those close to him have speculated could include a quote from the 1875 poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley: “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

Is Tim McVeigh alive?

Deceased (1968–2001)
Timothy McVeigh/Living or Deceased

Why was Sam executed?

Sam is convicted of being a cattle thief. The punishment for such a crime, as set forth by General Putnam of the Rebel Army, is death. Ironically, the cattle which Sam is accused of stealing belong to his own family.

What did Tim really think about the war?

As with many young men, Tim is initially very enthusiastic about war. He sees the bitter, bloody conflict between the American colonists and the British as nothing more than an awfully big adventure in which lots of exciting stuff happens.

Why was Tim willing to lie to his father?

Why was Tim willing to lie to his father in order to run errands for Mr. Heron? Tim was willing to lie to his father in order to run errands for Mr. Heron because Tim wanted glory and he wanted money.

Why did Tim and Mr Meeker go to Verplanks point?

Why does Tim’s father ask Tim to go to Verplancks Point with him? Tim’s dad asks Tim to go to Verplancks because there is no one else who can go with them and he can not travel with the cattle alone.

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