What does Jeh Daw-DYEH mean?

What does Jeh Daw-DYEH mean?

This is the standard way of saying “thank you” in Cantonese. Cantonese is spoken mainly within southern China. In native Chinese characters, spell the response out as 多謝. A rough pronunciation of do jeh is daw-dyeh. If you are thanking someone for a gift in advance, say “doh je sin” instead of “doh je.”

What can I say instead of country?

Synonyms of ‘country’

  • nation, commonwealth, kingdom, people, realm, state.
  • territory, land, region, terrain.
  • people, citizens, community, inhabitants, nation, populace, public, society.
  • countryside, backwoods, farmland, green belt, outback (Australian & New Zealand), provinces, sticks (informal)

Which word means almost the same as countries?

land, nation, sovereignty. (also sovranty), state.

How do you say hello in every country?

How To Say Hello In Different Languages: 21 Ways To Greet The World

  1. French. Formal: Bonjour. Informal: Salut.
  2. Spanish. Formal: Hola. Informal: ¿Qué tal? (What’s up?)
  3. Russian. Formal: Zdravstvuyte.
  4. Chinese. Formal: Nǐn hǎo.
  5. Italian. Formal: Salve.
  6. Japanese. Formal: Konnichiwa.
  7. German. Formal: Guten Tag.
  8. Portuguese. Formal: Olá

How do you say thank you in different countries?

Here’s how to say “thank you” in 45 different languages

  1. Spanish. Gracias (Thank you)
  2. French. Merci (Thank you)
  3. Italian. Grazie (Thank you)
  4. German. Danke (Thanks)
  5. Dutch. Bedankt (Thanks)
  6. Portuguese. Obrigado / Obrigada (Thank you – male / female speaker)
  7. Turkish. Teşekkürler (Thanks)
  8. Russian. Спасибо [Spasiba] (Thanks)

How do you say thank you in 14 different languages?

How-To Say Thank You in 14 Different Languages:

  1. English– Thank you, Thanks.
  2. Spanish– Gracias.
  3. French– Merci (Thank you very much= Merci Beaucoup)
  4. Italian– Grazie.
  5. Japanese– (Domo) Arigato (ah-ree-gah’-toh) or written ありがとう
  6. Chinese– do jeh, daw-dyeh.
  7. German– Danke sehr.
  8. Thai– Khop Khun Mak Kha.

What words describe country?


  • land.
  • people.
  • public.
  • region.
  • society.
  • state.
  • citizenry.
  • What is the formal term for a country?

    A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. nation. state. commonwealth. province.

    What is the best definition of nation?

    A nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a combination of shared features such as language, history, ethnicity, culture and/or territory. A nation has also been defined as a cultural-political community that has become conscious of its autonomy, unity and particular interests.

    How do you say hi in a fun way?

    All The Funny Ways To Say Hello

    1. Hey, Sunshine! How are you? Your rays have already brightened my day!
    2. There’s My Pumpkin!
    3. What’s roasting, little poulet?
    4. Howdy-doody! Bring me up to date!
    5. Ghostbusters! Where did you guys come from?
    6. More Tips To Make Any Greeting Fun.
    7. Wats poppin Chica?
    8. Waddup Brah? Welcome!

    How do u say good morning in different languages?

    Good Morning in Different Languages

    • French = bon matin.
    • Spanish = buenos días.
    • German = guten Morgen.
    • Italian = buongiorno.
    • Portuguese = bom dia.
    • Farsi/Persian = sobh bekheir.
    • Hindi/Indian = suprabhat.
    • Chinese = zǎoān.

    Which country says thank you the most?

    How to Say “Thank You” in 100 of the World’s Most Spoken Languages

    1. Mandarin China, Taiwan, Singapore
    7. Bengali Bangladesh, West Bengal (India), Tripura (India), Assam (India)
    8. Russian Russia, former Republics of the Soviet Union, Mongolia
    9. Japanese Japan

    Are there different English speaking countries in the world?

    There are many different English speaking countries. Although the language is essentially the same, there are some aspects of the language that are different in different places. It would be useful to know the following. The most common English comparison is between “British English” and “American English”. Firstly, the pronunciation is different.

    What’s the best way to greet people around the world?

    Here’s the ultimate guide to greeting people in 19 countries around the world. A quick kiss on each cheek — usually right, then left, though reversed in Italy — will suffice in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and much of Europe.

    What’s the most common way to say hello?

    20 Ways to Say “Hello” Around the World. “Hello!”, “Hi!”, and “Hey!” are the three most common forms of greetings in use today. Greetings do not rely only on the language, but also on the way you express it. Different countries have their different customs of saying “hello” to each other. Here are 20 ways to say “hello” taken from around the globe.

    What’s the proper way to greet someone in China?

    Most westerners get a handshake, but, if you’re looking to seem less touristy, it’s all about Namaste — something yogis might remember. Place your palms together like a prayer, tilt your head forward, and say “Namaste,” which means, “adoration to you.” In formal settings, the Chinese bow, but, in recent years handshakes have become the norm.

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