What does it mean to take away something?

What does it mean to take away something?

Definitions of take away. verb. remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract. synonyms: remove, take, withdraw.

What is another word for takeaway?

synonyms for takeaway

  • outcome.
  • result.
  • upshot.
  • consequence.
  • gist.
  • meat.
  • payoff.
  • sense.

How do you use take away in a sentence?

I can’t take away the weakness you feel, but your body is healed. He sends soldiers among us to take away our liberty.

What is the difference between take out and take away?

As adjectives the difference between takeout and takeaway is that takeout is intended to be eaten off the premises while takeaway is (chiefly|uk|australia|and|new zealand|of food) to be eaten off the premises.

Is it takeaways or take aways?

Take away is a common phrasal verb that’s used in a lot of contexts, and takeaway as a noun has a lot of different meanings. It’s sometimes spelled take-away. In the U.K., takeaway is the word for what Americans call takeout—food picked up from a restaurant to eat elsewhere, typically at home.

What is the takeaway message?

Definition of takeaway 1 : a conclusion to be made based on presented facts or information : a main point or key message to be learned or understood from something experienced or observed The takeaway is clear: cats are a growing environmental concern because they are driving down some native bird populations …—

How do you use take away?

take away

  1. ​to make a feeling, pain, etc. disappear. I was given some pills to take away the pain. Questions about grammar and vocabulary?
  2. ​(British English) (North American English take something out) to buy cooked food at a restaurant and carry it away to eat, for example at home. Two burgers to take away, please.

What is a take away in writing?

How do you say take away in America?

This makes the food “Takeout”. In the UK “takeaway” often refers to what in the US is called “delivery”. Someone brings the food to your house. So, “carryout”, “to go”, “delivery”.

How does take away work?

Takeaway business revenue model, is an online food ordering business. It works a go-between online interface that enables clients to arrange sustenance from a screened determination of restaurants and have meals delivered to their homes by the restaurants themselves.

What do Americans call take away?

It’s sometimes spelled take-away. In the U.K., takeaway is the word for what Americans call takeout—food picked up from a restaurant to eat elsewhere, typically at home. It can also refer to the restaurant where you get it.

What is a takeaway from a meeting?

What are meeting takeaways? Meeting takeaways are the conclusions or actionable items that your team walks away with once the meeting has come to a close. A meeting takeaway can also include the details surrounding what a member of your team has committed to completing by the next meeting.

What is the synonym of taken away?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for take (away) eliminate, remove. clear, empty. deprive,

What is the opposite of “take away”?

Antonyms for take away from include bolster, grant, award, accord, give, present, allocate, allot, assign and bestow. Find more opposite words at!

What is the adjective for take away?

Adjective . take-away (not comparable) of, or relating to food intended to be eaten off the premises; Noun . take-away (plural take-aways) A conclusion, idea or lesson learned at some event for future use. 2009, John-David Phyper, Paul MacLean, Good to Green: Managing Business Risks and Opportunities in the Age of

What is your takeaway definition?

The take-away is the main point of something, like a lesson or presentation, to learn and remember.

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