What does it mean to be a delicate woman?

What does it mean to be a delicate woman?

1 exquisite, fine, or subtle in quality, character, construction, etc. 2 having a soft or fragile beauty.

What is the full meaning of delicate?

fragile; easily damaged; frail: delicate porcelain; a delicate child. so fine as to be scarcely perceptible; subtle: a delicate flavor.

How would you describe a delicate person?

Someone who is delicate is not healthy and strong, and becomes ill easily. He was far too physically delicate to look after his own garden and was in constant pain. Synonyms: sickly, weak, ailing, frail More Synonyms of delicate. 5.

What is the example of delicate?

The definition of delicate is someone or something that is subtle, fragile, frail or a skilled example of something. An example of delicate is an unboiled egg. An example of delicate is a finally spun piece of glass. An example of delicate is a light and delicious cream sauce.

How do I appear delicate?

  1. Wear Clothes that Fit Properly. Proper fit is essential to looking feminine.
  2. Avoid anything too Tight. Looking feminine does not mean you should be wearing skin tight clothing either.
  3. Wear Heels.
  4. Wear Shoes with Feminine Details.
  5. Opt for Delicate Jewelry.
  6. Wear Red Lipstick.
  7. Avoid Heavy Makeup.
  8. Wear Mermaid Silhouette.

What does it mean when someone says you look delicate?

1 exquisite, fine, or subtle in quality, character, construction, etc.

What do you call a person who is delicate?

1 ailing, debilitated, flimsy, fragile, frail, sickly, slender, slight, tender, weak. 2 choice, dainty, delicious, elegant, exquisite, fine, graceful, savoury, tender. 3 faint, muted, pastel, soft, subdued, subtle. 4 accurate, deft, detailed, minute, precise, skilled.

What does it mean to feel delicate?

pleasantly subtle, soft, or faint. 4 easily damaged or injured; lacking robustness, esp. in health; fragile.

What does it mean when a person is fragile?

The definition of fragile is someone or something delicate, flimsy or easily broken. An example of fragile is thin porcelain china. An example of fragile is someone with brittle bone disease.

What things are delicate?

Things That Are Fragile

  • Silence.
  • Snowflake.
  • Bubble.
  • Butterfly Wing.
  • Spiderweb.
  • Dragonfly.
  • Fly.
  • Bee.

How does a feminine woman act?

Traditionally, being feminine or girly means being gentle, nurturing, sensitive, sweet, passive, empathetic, or devoted — to name a few traits.

How can a woman become beautiful?

How to Become The Most Beautiful Girl Naturally

  1. Whiten Teeth. This is something that many women forget about when it comes to looking prettier.
  2. Take Care of Skin.
  3. Be Confident.
  4. Get Enough Sleep.
  5. Massage Face.
  6. Keep Hair Healthy.
  7. Maintain Good Posture.
  8. Wear Clothes That Fit Well.

Is delicate an adjective?

1. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Something that is delicate is small and beautifully shaped. Something that is delicate has a colour, taste, or smell which is pleasant and not strong or intense. If something is delicate, it is easy to harm, damage, or break, and needs to be handled or treated carefully.

What is the adverb for delicate?

What is the adverb for delicate? delicate. delicately. In a delicate manner; exquisitely. Tactfully. Synonyms: subtly, finely, lightly, elegantly, gracefully, softly, tactfully, carefully, deftly, exquisitely, sensitively, beautifully, cautiously, precisely, skillfully, daintily, diplomatically, discreetly, thoughtfully, considerately, fastidiously, judiciously, prudently, skilfully, artfully, discerningly, gently, politically, wilily, politely, shrewdly, perceptively, heedfully, astutely,

What is another word meaning delicate?

Some common synonyms of delicate are choice, dainty, elegant, exquisite, and rare. While all these words mean “having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste,” delicate implies exquisiteness, subtlety, and fragility. Where would choice be a reasonable alternative to delicate?

What is the plural of delicate?

delicate (plural delicates) A delicate item of clothing, especially underwear or lingerie. (obsolete) A choice dainty; a delicacy. (obsolete) A delicate, luxurious, or effeminate person.

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