What does Gretel do in the boy in the striped pajamas?

What does Gretel do in the boy in the striped pajamas?

She is at first mostly interested in her dolls, but after her lessons from the children’s tutor Herr Liszt, Gretel becomes obsessed with the changing politics of World War II, and begins to track the German army’s progress via pushpins in maps on her wall in “Out-With.” She becomes much more indoctrinated with anti- …

Who does Gretel like in the boy in the striped pajamas?

She has crush on Lieutenant Kotler, who is about seven years older than her and laughs at everything he says even if wasn’t funny.

Why does Gretel hesitate before looking out Bruno’s window where does Gretel think they are the boy in the striped pajamas?

Why does Gretel hesitate before looking out of Bruno’s window? Gretel hesitates because there is something in Bruno’s manner as he looks out the window that upsets her.

What are the opposite in the boy in the striped pajamas?

When Bruno asks Gretel who the people on the other side of the fence are, she tells him that they are Jews, and are simply the “opposite” of what she and Bruno are.

Why is Gretel mean to Bruno?

Gretel had mean friends who made fun of him for his small stature. She also had a large collection of dolls that Bruno imagined could spy on him. Bruno burst into Gretel’s room uninvited while she was unpacking and asked if she had brought her dolls.

Why is Gretel a hopeless case?

Bruno calls Gretel a “hopeless case” throughout the story because she is mean, arrogant, and insensitive toward him. Gretel is not a loving, compassionate older sister and does not get along with Bruno. She continually corrects him, does not allow Bruno inside her room, and views him with contempt.

Why does Gretel dislike her father brother and the lawyer Gretel?

Garrison Keillor’s Gretel was a radical feminist and wanted to raise her voice against patriarchal society. She wants to make women aware and raises her voice against injustice and inequality. She blames her father and brother for deceiving her. She becomes so angry with her father’s and brother’s acts.

Why is Gretel confused Bruno?

Expert Answers In chapter 4 of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas , Gretel gets the opportunity to look out of Bruno’s window, and the view is very confusing to her. The reason Gretel is so confused is because she has never seen a sight like the one she views out of…

What did Mother blame for what was in Gretel and Bruno’s hair?

She’d found lice eggs in her hair. Bruno had lice, too, and his parents had to shave his hair off. Mother complained that she knew something like this would happen at Out-With.

What did Gretel get rid of?

As the story’s narrator describes this transformation: “Gretel had decided that she didn’t like dolls anymore and put them all into four large bags and thrown them away.

What does Bruno notice that Gretel does not?

What does Bruno notice that Gretel does not. He notices that Gretel is missing most of her dolls. He notices that there are other kids that live around them.

How does Bruno feel about Gretel?

Gretel and Bruno both share feelings of contempt for each other, and Bruno is appalled by Gretel’s infatuation with Lieutenant Kotler. Bruno also comments on Gretel’s lack of manners. Gretel is portrayed as a bully throughout the novel, and even disrespects Maria, which upsets Bruno.

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