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What does George want to do to Lennie?

What does George want to do to Lennie?

Before sleeping, George describes their dream to Lennie; they want to buy their own small farm where they will grow their own food, rear animals and keep rabbits for Lennie to look after.

What bad things did George do to Lennie?

His thoughts, though, focus on the pattern he and George have established when Lennie does bad things: George scolds him, threatens to leave him, and then ends up telling him once again about their dream of a ranch.

Why does George do so much for Lennie?

George takes care of Lennie because he has promised Lennie’s Aunt Clara that he will look after him and protect him. This promise and George’s moral astuteness bonds the men together. Lennie would not be able to survive outside of an institution if George were not there to ensure his safety.

What does Candy tell George they should do about Lennie?

Candy says they need to let Lennie get away because Curley will lynch him, but George realizes how hopeless escape would be. He tells Candy to give him a minute to go to the bunkhouse before telling the other men; then George will come along as though he had not already seen Curley’s wife.

Why was George a good friend to Lennie?

In the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck , George is a good friend to Lennie although he may seem to be inhumane because he kills Lennie at the end of the novel. When Lennie and George have an argument and Lennie offers to go away and live in a cave so that he does not bother George anymore. George regrets his anger saying, `”No-Look!

Why is George frustrated with Lennie?

George is upset with Lennie for various reasons. One reason for George’s frustration is due to the fact that George and Lennie are on the run. They had to flee a town called Weed. Lennie frightened…

Why do you think George takes care of Lennie?

George explains to the boss that he takes care of Lennie because they’re cousins and he promised Lennie’s mom he’d take care of him. He explains this because the Boss asks him point blank what their relationship is and why they’re together.

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