What does a delicate person mean?

What does a delicate person mean?

Someone who is delicate is not healthy and strong, and becomes ill easily. He was far too physically delicate to look after his own garden and was in constant pain. Synonyms: sickly, weak, ailing, frail More Synonyms of delicate. 5. adjective.

What does delicate girl mean?

Delicate could also mean dainty, feminine, demure. A woman who is not bold, loud, or tough. It doesn’t mean she is sickly, although in a certain context it might.

What is an example of a delicate?

The definition of delicate is someone or something that is subtle, fragile, frail or a skilled example of something. An example of delicate is an unboiled egg. An example of delicate is a finally spun piece of glass. An example of delicate is a light and delicious cream sauce.

What is a fragile person?

1. 4. The definition of fragile is someone or something delicate, flimsy or easily broken. An example of fragile is thin porcelain china. An example of fragile is someone with brittle bone disease.

How do you say someone is delicate?

  1. fragile,
  2. frail,
  3. sensitive,
  4. tender.

What is an airy word?

87 ‘an airy word’ – ‘airy’ means insubstantial here, with a glance at such words being ‘mere breath’.

What is the meaning breakable?

: capable of being broken.

Is delicate a feeling?

Feel free to just provide example sentences. Sensitive feelings are delicate feelings, and vice versa, you can say either to mean the same. However, “sensitive” relates to the sensations, and “delicate” relates to fragility.

Is delicate a bad word?

Delicate can have negative overtones: A delicate situation is a tricky one. A delicate balance describes an agreement that might turn sour any moment. A delicate child may cry easily. But delicate can also refer to things that are very lovely and hard to reproduce: a delicate lace collar on a dress stands out.

What does it mean when a girl is fragile?

adj. 1 able to be broken easily. 2 in a weakened physical state.

Is being sensitive a weakness?

Sensitivity is often seen as a sign of weakness in our culture, especially when a sensitive person experiences too much stress. We can easily become overwhelmed by too much sensory input, doing too much and ignoring our limits or just by being surrounded by too many people.

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