What does 3sc mean?

What does 3sc mean?

3 single crochet increase instructions Work the third single crochet stitch inserting your hook in same stitch. You’ve made two complete single crochet stitch increase. Repeat the preceding steps at the next place of increase.

What do parentheses mean in crochet patterns?

Parentheses are used to indicate a group of stitches that are to be worked together into a stitch, such as: in next dc work (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc). That means you will work all of those stitches in one dc, which makes a shell.

What does SC Inc x6 mean in crochet?

Single crochet in the first stitch, increase by doing two single crochets in the next stitch. Repeat.

What does 2sc mean in crochet?

two single crochet
Here is where your increase happens and your sc will become two single crochet stitches.

How do you read crochet brackets and parentheses?

Understanding Symbols In Crochet Patterns Brackets [ ] are used to set off a group of instructions worked a number of times. For example, “[ch 3, sc in ch-3 sp] 7 times” means to work the instructions inside the [ ] seven times. Brackets [ ] also set off a group of stitches to be worked in one stitch, space or loop.

What do the numbers in parentheses refer to in crochet?

Those numbers are the stitch count for that line of the pattern… in other words, how many stitches you should have in that row/round (6 stitches in the above example). …

What does Hdc3tog mean?

Half Double Crochet Three Together (Hdc3tog)

What does MS mean in crochet?

maille serree (ms) half double crochet (hdc)

What does SC stand for in a crochet pattern?

Did you know? Many crochet pattern terms are acronyms! This makes it easier to understand since “sc” stands for “single crochet”, and “hdc” stands for half double crochet. You may also see the first two letters used instead as in ch (for chain), tr (for treble crochet), or sk st (skip stitch).

Is the turning chain counted in a crochet pattern?

Unless your pattern tells you otherwise, on all stitches taller than a single crochet, the turning chain is counted as the first stitch of the row. In addition to using lots of abbreviations and terms, crochet patterns use several symbols to tell you what to do.

How many chains do you need for single crochet?

For single crochet, that was one ch, and that chain did not count as a stitch. But for double crochet, a taller stitch, you need to make 3 chains and then turn.And this time the 3 chains count as a stitch.

How to increase the number of stitches in a crochet hook?

Work single crochet stitches till the place of increase. Work single crochet stitch inserting your hook in the stitch of the previous row under top two loops. Work another single crochet stitch inserting your hook in same stitch. Work the third single crochet stitch inserting your hook in same stitch.

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