What do the stars represent in Number the Stars?

What do the stars represent in Number the Stars?

Stars also appear in the psalm that Peter reads before the voyage to Sweden. In this case, the stars represent Annemarie’s tainted view of the world. To her the stars demonstrate the vastness and hopelessness of existence.

What does he who numbers the stars one by one mean?

he who numbers the stars one by one… ( 10.34) The God described here sees everything that’s happening (he can count the stars, for crying out loud!) —and that means he sees what’s happening to you, too. According to this psalm, you’re not alone in the world.

What person is Number the Stars told in?

Number the Stars is a historical novel set in Denmark during World War II. Lowry has written the novel in third person (“He says,” as opposed to, “I said,” which is first person), using a limited omniscient viewpoint (only Annemarie’s thoughts and feelings are revealed).

Who is Annemarie in Number the Stars?

Annemarie Johansen Annemarie is the protagonist of the story. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her mother, father, and younger sister Kirsti. Annemarie’s best friend is Ellen, the girl who lives next door. Annemarie is ten years old.

What are some quotes from Number the Stars?

Preview — Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

  • “She fell asleep, and it was a sleep as thin as the night clouds, dotted with dreams that came and went like the stars.”
  • “Mama was crying, and the rain made it seem as if the whole world was crying.”

Who is in the casket in Chapter 10 Number the Stars?

Mrs. Johansen explains that they’re having a pre-funeral gathering—there’s nothing wrong with that. Man, the soldiers are scary. One of them makes Annemarie say who’s in the casket.

Who are all the characters in Number the Stars?

Annemarie Johansen
Mrs. JohansenKirsten JohansenEllen RosenPeter Neilsen
Number the Stars/Characters

Why Lois Lowry wrote Number the Stars?

Lowry wrote Number the Stars in 1988. She was inspired by a friend who had grown up in Denmark during World War II, when the country was occupied by Nazi Germany. At that time, Jewish people all over Europe were being arrested and then killed by Ger- mans.

How is Annemarie called Brave?

In the end, Annemarie’s bravery stems from her personal commitment to helping Ellen at any cost, and her belief in the equality, dignity, and sacredness of the lives of those she was protecting.

Is Annemarie Johansen real?

Annemarie Johansen (1933-) was a Danish schoolgirl who helped save hundreds of Danish Jews during World War II.

What is Chapter 11 about in Number the Stars?

In this chapter, Annemarie discovers that the coffin is full of clothing and jackets for the people in the room. Peter, a 20-year-old member of the resistance, hands these items out, along with medicine to put a small child to sleep while they travel. Peter also gives a mysterious package to Mr.

What is Chapter 10 about in Number the Stars?

In Chapter 10 of Number the Stars, Annemarie waits to find out what the pretend funeral, a gathering after someone has died, is really about. While she is waiting, the Nazis show up and demand to know what’s going on.

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