What did Cherry say to Ponyboy that caused?

What did Cherry say to Ponyboy that caused?

What did Cherry say to Ponyboy that caused “a nervous bitterness” to grow inside him? She said that she couldn’t talk to him at school and she couldn’t let her parents see them together.

Why did cherry leave Bob at the drive in?

Cherry does not want to get into the car with Bob, but she does because she does not want to cause a fight when the Socs see the girls with greasers. Pony and Johnny are ready to fight, and she can see that. Unfortunately, the Socs come back later and find Johnny and Pony in the park.

What is Cherry’s real name why is she called Cherry?

Cherry tells Ponyboy that her real name is Sherri, but she is called Cherry because of her hair coloring. She also tells him that he has an original name. Ponyboy recognizes her from school and the cheerleader, and she wonders why he is hanging around “trash” like Dallas.

What happened at the end of Chapter 3 in the outsiders?

The movie comes to an end and the group decides to walk over to Two-Bit’s house to get his car to take the girls home. Two-Bit and Marcia are continuing to get along, and as they walk Ponyboy and Cherry amaze themselves as they divulge insights as confidants. Ponyboy unexpectedly explodes.

What did Cherry say about the SOCS?

Cherry says the Socs are so cool and sophisticated that they feel nothing, and they don’t mean half of what they say. She says the Socs have everything, so they keep looking for something else to satisfy them. They’re numb to feeling anything, and, in contrast, the Greasers feel things too much, too violently.

Why does Cherry say she could fall in love with Dally?

she is attracted to Dally because despite his “dirty talk,” angry disposition, and complete disregard for the law, these are the things to which Cherry is attracted. cherry later tells Pony that “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston… Also because Bob is the most bad out of all the soc’s and Dally is bad.

Does Ponyboy end up with cherry?

Cherry is loyal to Ponyboy and even testifies that Johnny acted in self-defense during the trial. Although the two characters never become romantically involved, Ponyboy and Cherry share a close understanding of one another and see eye-to-eye on numerous topics.

Who throws a Coke in Dally’s face?

In Chapter of 2 of the novel The Outsiders, Dally gives Cherry a Coke, and she throws it back in his face. When Dally first snuck into the drive-in, he spotted Cherry and her friend Marcia sitting by themselves.

Do cherry and Ponyboy end up together?

What does Sherri Valance look like?

Sherri Valance is a 16 year old tuff (tough) looking girl who is a cheerleader. She has green eyes and long red hair, and because of her red hair, people call her Cherry instead of Sherri. She is always dressed sharp and is very good looking.

What does Ponyboy do at the end of Chapter 3?

Ponyboy walks home and finds Darry furious with him for staying out so late. In the ensuing argument, Darry slaps Ponyboy. No one in Ponyboy’s family has ever hit him before, and Ponyboy storms out of the house in a rage.

What is Cherry’s last name in the outsiders?

Cherry Valance Bob’s girlfriend, she is a Soc cheerleader whom Ponyboy meets at the movies. Cherry’s real name is Sherri, but people call her Cherry because of her red hair. Ponyboy and Cherry have a great deal in common, and Ponyboy feels comfortable talking to her.

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