What are the factors of industrial relations?

What are the factors of industrial relations?

Factors Affecting Industrial Relations – Socio-Ethical and Cultural, Technological Advancement, Market Conditions, Economic Conditions, Political Parties and a Few Others

  • Socio-Ethical and Cultural Factor:
  • Technological Advancement:
  • Market Conditions:
  • Economic Conditions:
  • International Relations:
  • Psychological Factor:

What are the four actors of industrial relation?

These are: (i) the workers and their trade unions, (ii) the employers and their associations, and, (iii)the government and its agencies.

What are the factors affecting employment relations?

Employment Relationships and Factors Affecting Them Coursework

  • Legal and Economic Policies.
  • Technological Change.
  • Managerial Behaviour/Commitment.
  • Power of Labour Unions.
  • Organisational Culture.
  • Charismatic Leadership.
  • Transactional Leadership.
  • Passive Leadership.

What are the types of industrial relation?

The industrial relations includes four types of relations: (i) Labour relations (ii) Group relations (iii) Employer-Employee Relations (iv) Community or Public Relations.

What is the difference between Labour relations and industrial relations?

Broadly speaking, industrial relations focus on the relationships that exist between an employer and the employees collectively through their union, while employee relations refer to the analysis and management of work involving the individual.

How many types of industrial relations are there?

four types
Industrial relations include four types of relations: (i) Labour relations i.e., relations between union- management (also known as labour management relations); (ii) Group relations i.e., relations between various groups of workmen i.e., workmen, supervisors, technical persons, etc.

What are the three main parties in industrial relations?

It is comprised of three actors (namely, the government, union and management), an environmental context, the mechanisms through which actors interact, the outcomes of the interaction (rules of the workplace) and the feedback mechanism (implications for the actors and for society).

What are the external factors of industrial relations?

There are several environmental factors affecting industrial relations. These environmental factors comprises of such factors as legal-political, socio-economic, technological, media, industrial and international environments, international environment among others (Obiekwe, et al, 2018).

What do you understand by industrial relation?

Industrial relation refers to a relationship between the employers and employees. It also refers to a field of study that examines these types of relationships, especially groups of workers in unions. The employers are represented by management and employees are represented by unions.

What are the 4 Labour codes?

Among the four labour codes — Code on Wages, Industrial Relations Code, Code on Social Security and Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code — the Code on Wages has seen the highest number of states issuing draft rules.

What are the types of strike?

Types of Strikes Based on the phenomena of strikes around the world, strikes can be categorised into economic strike, sympathy strike, general strike, sit down strike, slow down strike, hunger strike and wildcat strike have been experienced.

What are the main theories of industrial relations?

The three main theories of industrial relations are the unitary, pluralist and Marxist perspectives.

What are the determining factors of Industrial Relations?

Good industrial relation programmes depend on a great variety of factors. Some of the more obvious factors of industrial relations are listed below: History of industrial relations – No enterprise can escape its good and bad history of industrial relations.

What does industrial relations mean in an organization?

Industrial relations deals with human behaviour and management of personnel in an organizational setup. The various factors that influence the relationship between the administration and the employees in an organization are as follows:

Who are the main players in industrial relations?

With globalization and the strides made with computers, the Industrial Relations field has become very complex. But when you cut all that away, you still have the basic players: industry, labor and the government of whatever country is home to that company.

How does a manager affect the Industrial Relations?

Every manager possesses certain leadership traits and different style to function even in a formal organization. Through his/her formal or informal ways of generating team spirit and motivating the employees, he/she impacts the organization’s industrial relations.

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