What are the basic terminology for lodging facilities?

What are the basic terminology for lodging facilities?

Facilities for lodging are generally identified by one of five names: hotels, motor inns, motels, resorts, and privately owned (guest houses). Hotels are multistoried lodging facilities which range in size from 20 rooms to hundreds of rooms.

What is terminology in hotel industry?

Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room (GOPPAR): A measure of performance across all sources of revenue. Gross Operating Revenue (GOR): A hotel’s total operating revenue. Group Demand: Group business predicted for a specific period or date. Group Rate: Rate secured for all rooms in a room block for an event.

What do you understand by the term lodging?

1 : a temporary living or sleeping place. 2 lodgings plural : a room or rooms in the house of another person rented as a place to live.

What are the main types of lodging?

Categories for lodging businesses: Hotels and Vacation Rentals

  • Hotel. A hotel is a commercial establishment offering lodging and guest services provided by on-site staff.
  • Motel.
  • Resort hotel.
  • Inn.
  • Extended stay hotel (Aparthotel)
  • Guest house.
  • Bed and breakfast.
  • Farm stay.

What are 2 types of lodging?

Different types of Lodging Facilities

  • Hotels.
  • Motels.
  • All – suites.
  • Limited – service hotels.
  • Extended – stay hotels.

What are lodging operations?

Lodging operations is a leadership-oriented course that focuses on hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and resorts. It goes beyond simply teaching students how to set up reservations and organize large-scale customer service initiatives to include: Marketing and branding concepts.

What are the different terminologies?

terminology. Specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture: argot, cant, dialect, idiom, jargon, language, lexicon, lingo, patois, vernacular, vocabulary.

What is PM account in hotel?

PM Account is refereed to ‘Posting Master’ or ‘Pay Master’ dummy rooms. Such dummy rooms can be also used to post Banquet related charges or billing in case your hotel does not have a Sales and Catering module.

What is board and lodging means?

board, the provision of meals and accommodation on a regular and continuing or indefinite basis. lodging, the provision of a room that the recipient can access as required on a continuing or indefinite basis.

How do we classify lodging facilities?

Hotels are classified according to the hotel size, location, target markets, levels of service, facilities provided, number of rooms, ownership and affiliation etc.

What are the five 5 variations in lodging establishments?

Different types of Lodging Facilities

  • Center – city. Hotels. All – suites. Limited – service. Extended – stay.
  • Suburban. All – suites. Limited – service. Extended – stay.

What is fundamental in lodging?

This course describe the skills, knowledge and performance outcomes required to explore and analyze the management and practices of lodging operations and related sales activities in the major operating and support departments.

What is the difference between lodging and boarding?

The main difference between boarding and lodging is that boarding refers to the provision of both accommodation and meals while lodging refers to the provision of accommodation. The duration of the stay is another difference between these two types of accommodations; boarding refers to a longer stay while lodging refers to a shorter stay.

What does the name lodging mean?

What is the meaning / definition of Lodging in the hospitality industry? The term lodging describes a wide range of accommodation types which provide shelter or a place to stay overnight. It is used to describe locations away from home and the quality of the place can vary from a small island hut or a tent to a five star all inclusive resort.

What does Lodge mean?

Definition of lodge (Entry 2 of 6) 1 chiefly dialectal : a rude shelter or abode. 2a : a house set apart for residence in a particular season (such as the hunting season) b : a resort hotel : inn mountain lodges. 3a : a house on an estate originally for the use of a gamekeeper, caretaker, or porter.

What is board and lodging?

board and lodging(Noun) A place of lodging with daily meals, usually provided in return for rent or other considerations.

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