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What are the advantages of freedom of information FOI?

What are the advantages of freedom of information FOI?

Easier information access; greater public awareness of laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures; enhanced government efficiency and responsiveness; greater public participation in federal government affairs; enhanced public confidence in the federal government; and better quality information at reduced cost.

What is wrong with the Freedom of Information Act?

But the FOIA remains plagued by problems: crippling delays, hefty fees and outdated technology — not to mention expansive loopholes that federal agencies routinely exploit to deny legitimate requests. Too often, agencies invoke laughable excuses to retain documents.

What are the main criticisms of Freedom of Information FOI laws in Australia?

One criticism of the Federal Act in Australia was that the cautious approach in framing the exemptions meant that, in practice, few documents had become available to inform political debates which would not have been available before. The United States FOI Act has only nine exemptions.

What is the main purpose of FOI?

The proposed Freedom of Information (FOI) Act aims to mandate the disclosure of public documents. The proposed bill also outlines the exceptions for public disclosure and the procedures for accessing public documents.

Why do we need FOI?

It strengthens the right to information as enshrined by the constitution. FOI allows Filipino citizens to request any information about government transactions and operations, provided that it shall not put into jeopardy privacy and matters of national security.

What FOI means?

Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information (FOI) is a concept that broadly refers to the principle that individuals and the public at-large have the right to access information that is pertinent to their interests.

What are the 9 FOIA exemptions?


  • Exemption 1. Protects information that is properly classified in the interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 12958.
  • Exemption 2. Protects records related solely to the internal personnel rules and practices of an agency.
  • Exemption 3.
  • Exemption 4.
  • Exemption 5.
  • Exemption 6.
  • Exemption 7.
  • Exemption 8.

Who is exempt from Freedom of Information Act?

The section 23 exemption applies to any information you have received from, or relates to, any of a list of named security bodies such as the security service. You do not have to confirm or deny whether you hold the information, if doing so would reveal anything about that body or anything you have received from it.

Why does the Australian Government consider FOI important?

The FOI Act promotes government accountability and transparency by providing a legal framework for individuals to request access to government documents. allows you to request access to documents held by Australian Government ministers and most agencies.

Can I refuse a Freedom of Information request?

Conditional exemptions They can’t refuse access to a document solely because it meets a conditional exemption, it must also be against the public interest. Conditional exemptions may apply to a document that has: personal information that would be unreasonable to disclose.

Is FOI a law?

Freedom of Information (FoI) is a right enshrined in our fundamental law. It is the right of every citizen to access official records, documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions or decisions, as well as to government research data used as basis for policy development (Sec.

What is FOI in the Philippines?

Executive Order No. 02 or the Executive Order on Freedom of Information (FOI) aims to promote an open government by increasing the transparency of the executive branch and its agencies. It strengthens the right to information as enshrined by the constitution.

How does the freedom of Information Bill work?

The question then boils down now to determining the scope of official regulatory discretion.   This is what the Freedom of Information bill tries to do.   While the Constitution says that the right may be limited by law, the bill in effect seeks to limit the scope of official regulatory discretion.

What are the pros and cons of free speech?

1 Freedom of speech protects each of us from the influence of special interests. 2 Freedom of speech eliminates compelled actions. When you have the freedom of speech, then the government cannot compel your actions in such a way that you are required to 3 Freedom of speech promotes the free exchange of ideas.

Why was Foi introduced in the first place?

The introduction of FOI lifted this veil of secrecy for the first time allowing information relating to the governing of the State to be made available to the public.

Is the Freedom of Information Act under threat?

T ony Blair described himself as an “irresponsible nincompoop” for bringing in the Freedom of Information Act; David Cameron says it “furs up” the arteries of government. Amid campaigners’ fears that the act is under threat, the Ministry of Justice this week released figures showing requests went up 7% last year.

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