What are examples of excitement?

What are examples of excitement?

Excitement is defined as a feeling of enthusiasm, eagerness or exhilaration, or is defined as something that causes such a feeling. The way a child feels on Christmas morning waiting to open his presents is an example of excitement. Christmas morning, which inspires exhilaration, is an example of an excitement.

How do I express my excitement?

Ways of expressing pleasure and excitement – thesaurus

  1. ooh. interjection. used for showing a reaction such as surprise, excitement, or pleasure.
  2. great. adjective.
  3. it’s a pleasure to do something. phrase.
  4. you beauty. phrase.
  5. by gum. phrase.
  6. have the pleasure of. phrase.
  7. yahoo. interjection.
  8. this is the life. phrase.

What is a word for excitement?

A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness. exhilaration. enthusiasm. animation. elation.

How do you show excitement in words?


  1. hooray. interjection. mainly spoken a word that you shout to show that you are excited and happy about something.
  2. aah. interjection. used for showing that you are happy, satisfied, or surprised.
  3. excellent. adjective.
  4. lovely. adjective.
  5. happily. adverb.
  6. good for/on someone. phrase.
  7. hallelujah. interjection.
  8. good. adjective.

How do you describe excitement?

Excitement is a feeling or situation full of activity, joy, exhilaration, or upheaval. One thing about excitement — it sure isn’t boring. But a dog that’s jumping, barking, and running in circles when his owner comes home is feeling and causing a lot of excitement.

How do you describe the feeling of excitement?

We use the word exhilarating to describe exciting experiences, especially when they involve physical feelings or actions. The people experiencing the excitement are exhilarated: It was so exhilarating to ski on the fresh snow. When we reached the top of the mountain, we were exhilarated and exhausted.

What is feeling or showing excitement?

Excitement is a feeling or situation full of activity, joy, exhilaration, or upheaval. One thing about excitement — it sure isn’t boring. There are a few types of excitement, but they’re all exciting — they get your attention. If you can’t wait for your birthday, you’re feeling a happy kind of excitement.

Are you exciting or excited?

Common Mistakes and Confusing Words in English Excited is an adjective that describes when someone feels happy and enthusiastic about something. For example: She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep. Exciting is an adjective that means something is making you excited. For example: The football match was so exciting!

How do you write excitement portray?

If you need your readers to understand how excited you were at any given time, show them. Don’t just tell them, “I was so excited!” Show them the sweat beading your forehead as you raced to your destination. Show them the lifting of your cheeks as your lips parted way for an uncontrollable smile.

How do you describe someone’s excitement?

The word heady is used to describe situations or periods of time where someone feels happy and excited. It often implies that someone feels more confident or free than usual: They bought the cottage in the heady months after their wedding. An intoxicating feeling or experience is very exciting and enjoyable.

How can I use Excited?

Excited sentence example

  1. He’d been so excited about his phone.
  2. I’m too excited to remember!
  3. Little feet pounded across the living room into the kitchen and Destiny interrupted them in an excited voice.
  4. She turned excited eyes to her father.
  5. Jonathan was so excited that he couldn’t stop talking about her.

What is a sentence for excited?

[M] [T] She looked excited. [M] [T] They were very excited. [M] [T] I am excited at the prospect of seeing her. [M] [T] We were so excited that we couldn’t sit still.

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