What aerie means?

What aerie means?

Definition of aerie 1 : the nest of a bird on a cliff or a mountaintop. 2 obsolete : a brood of birds of prey. 3 : an elevated often secluded dwelling, structure, or position.

How do you say Ae Ri?

aeri is a short sweet name taken from the word aerial…with a light and breezy feeling….Pronounce Names.

Submitted from: wooster ohio usa
Gender: Female
Origin: american
Alternate Spelling(s): ahree aery auri
Meaning: air,wind, bubbly,light,beezy,

How do you pronounce Aerwiar?

Aerwiar (AIR-we-are) is the world in which the Wingfeathers, Fangs, and various other beasts and peoples live.

What is aerie vs American Eagle?

Aerie, stylized as aerie (short for American Eagle lingerie), is an intimate apparel and lifestyle retailer and sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters. The aerie brand is sold as a shop-in-shop in American Eagle Outfitters stores, online through the American Eagle website, and in standalone aerie retail stores.

Why is aerie called aerie?

The Ross Park Mall store, in the AEO HQ city of Pittsburgh, PA, was the brand’s first side-by-side location and after countless hours spent ideating on names, logos, and colors—the team landed on the name Aerie. Aerie means a large nest of birds of prey… like an eagle! The brand was light, airy and free.

What does AERA mean in Korean?

Aera: A beautiful Korean name for girls that means “love.”

What is AERI in Korean?

Meaning & History From Sino-Korean 愛 “love” and 利 “gains, advantage, profit, merit”. A famous bearer is South Korean actress Jung Ae-ri (1960-).

What is an eagle’s eyrie?

/ (ˈɪərɪ, ˈɛərɪ, ˈaɪərɪ) / noun. the nest of an eagle or other bird of prey, built in a high inaccessible place. the brood of a bird of prey, esp an eagle.

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