Is Troy Aikman number retired?

Is Troy Aikman number retired?

Dallas has yet to formally retire numbers, though a few have remained unassigned after being worn by Hall of Famers, including Nos. 8 (Troy Aikman), 12 (Roger Staubach) and 22 (Emmitt Smith).

Did the Cowboys retire number 12?

The Cowboys do not formally retire uniform numbers, but there are certain players that have reached an elevated status. Iconic numbers in franchise history, such as Bob Lily’ No. 74, Roger Staubach’s No. 12, Troy Aikman’s No.

Is Tony Dorsett’s number retired?

Dorsett was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and played for the team for 11 seasons, through 1987. He played for Denver the following year, then retired because of injuries….Tony Dorsett.

No. 33
NFL Draft: 1977 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2
Career history
Dallas Cowboys (1977–1987) Denver Broncos (1988)
Career highlights and awards

Why didn’t the Cowboys retire Michael Irvin’s number?

Irvin’s number in college at Miami was 47. Even if Irvin wanted 47 after the Cowboys drafted him in the first round in 1988, the NFL would not permit it. “I believe that Tex Schramm wanted to jazz up Irvin’s selection a little by giving him the 88 jersey that was made famous by Drew Pearson,” Dalrymple said.

Who wore 88 Cowboys?

CeeDee Lamb
And CeeDee Lamb? Remember, when he arrived in Dallas at a first-round selection. he took on jersey No. 88 only at the urging of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, mindful of carrying on the “88 Club” tradition of Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant.

Who was 88 on Dallas Cowboys?

Drew Pearson (American football)

No. 88
Undrafted: 1973
Career history
As a player:
Dallas Cowboys (1973–1983)

What NFL player wears number 9?

9: Drew Brees. We end our first list with the obvious choice at No. 9, Drew Brees, who played 20 NFL seasons, first with the San Diego Chargers and then the New Orleans Saints, leading the latter to a victory in Super Bowl 44, winning MVP honors.

Did Roger Staubach pass away?

February 5 1942 (1942-02-05) (age 79) in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S….External links.

Short description American football Hall of Fame quarterback, businessman
Date of birth February 5, 1942
Place of birth Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of death

How old is Newhouse?

64 years (1950–2014)
Robert Newhouse/Age at death

What number is Dez Bryant?

88Baltimore Ravens / Wide receiver
Dez Bryant/Number

When did Troy Aikman retire his UCLA jersey?

Aikman finished his career as the number two career passing leader in UCLA history. In 2008, Aikman was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame. On November 28, 2014, UCLA retired his #8 jersey at halftime against Stanford.

When did Troy Aikman play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Kenneth Aikman (born November 21, 1966) is a former American football quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). The number one overall draft pick in 1989, Aikman played twelve consecutive seasons as the starting quarterback with the Cowboys, the greatest number of seasons by any Cowboy quarterback.

Who was the quarterback for Troy Aikman at OU?

Switzer and offensive coordinator Jim Donnan were forced to switch back to the wishbone offense under freshman quarterback Jamelle Holieway. The team went on to win the 1985 National Championship. With Holieway established as the starting quarterback at OU, Aikman decided to transfer to UCLA.

When did Troy Aikman have 3 straight 3, 000 yard seasons?

In 1997, Aikman became the first quarterback in Cowboys’ history to have three straight 3,000-yard seasons, but the team finished 6–10 and missed the playoffs for the first time since 1990. Switzer suffered the first losing season of his career, and resigned at the end of the season.

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