Is Stickley furniture valuable?

Is Stickley furniture valuable?

Stickley pieces frequently appreciate in value, especially older pieces and limited edition introductions. Because Stickley furniture is so collectible, you will see forgeries in the used market. Keep a copy of the legitimate Stickley shop marks in your flea market toolkit so you don’t get scammed.

Is Stickley high quality?

Stickley furniture is a brand that values legacy, quality, and craftsmanship, and their collections are some of the highest quality furniture on the market. A well-crafted piece of Stickley furniture will gather cherished memories and last through to the next generation.

Is Stickley furniture good quality?

Stickley furniture provides you with the very best quality and craftsmanship year after year; it’s something you will feel and see from the moment you step in the door. While Stickley brings to mind classic, Mission-style furniture, it’s far from their only offering.

Is all Stickley furniture marked?

Stickley Shop Marks The shop marks used by the Stickleys for their furniture included burnt-in brands on a hidden part of the furniture that would evolve over the various companies to include paper labels, metal plates, decals and medallions. Look for a shop mark by any one of the Stickley companies.

What style is Stickley furniture?

He formed United Crafts in 1901 and Craftsman Workshops in 1904. While Gustav’s initial designs catered more toward the Art Nouveau style, he eventually simplified and bulked up his designs to create the Mission style by 1900.

Who owns Stickley furniture?

the Audi family
and J.G. Stickley, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of premium solid wood furniture. Privately owned by the Audi family since 1974, the company now operates a facility greater than 400,000 square feet in Manlius, New York, an upholstery plant in North Carolina, and six retail showrooms in New York and Connecticut.

Where is Stickley made?

New York
Stickley is proud to share our history with the public in the original Stickley factory. A treasure trove of historical Stickley materials was found tucked in old closets and under floorboards during the move from the original factory to our current Manlius, New York, factory.

Is Stickley furniture made in America?

Made In America We are focused on building furniture that is passed from generation to generation: furniture for life.

How can you tell real Stickley?

Look for a shop mark by any one of the Stickley companies. Many of the marks include a joiner’s compass shaped like an “A” with points on the ends of the two legs, the Flemish phrase — “Als ik kan” — translated as “to the best of my ability,” with the furniture maker’s signature beneath, usually Gustav Stickley.

Is Stickley still in business?

Although no longer held by the Stickley family, the successor firm to the L. & J.G. Stickley Company continues to operate in Manlius, New York, producing a variety of styles, including many original Gustav Stickley Arts and Crafts designs.

Is Stickley furniture made by the Amish?

Buy Stickley Furniture made in USA by Amish crafters.

Where is the Stickley factory?

The Stickley Museum is located on the 2nd floor of the original L. & J.G. Stickley Factory at 300 Orchard Street, Fayetteville, N.Y. 13066, above the Fayetteville Free Library. The Stickley Museum is free and open to the public and is fully accessible.

How much does Stickley furniture cost per piece?

Antique Stickley Furniture signed by Gustav is rare and highly collectible. Of course, these original pieces made by the Stickley workshops during the turn of the century can cost several thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Who was the founder of Stickley Brothers furniture?

Of course, the company became known for the incredible designs of Gustav Stickley, the head of the Arts and Crafts Furniture movement in the United States. However, the other Stickley brothers spearheaded different design movements and popularized solid wood furniture in the 1930’s through 1960s. Is Stickley Furniture still being made?

Why did Gustav Stickley create Mission style furniture?

In many ways, Mission Style Furniture came as a rejection to sometimes Gaudy and ostentatious Victorian Furniture, and as an alternative to the Industrialized mass production of furniture just being born in America. Gustav Stickley praised artisans and wanted to promote true workmanship.

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