Is Stacy Keach still working?

Is Stacy Keach still working?

He currently hosts The Twilight Zone radio series. Keach can also be heard narrating the CNBC series American Greed. For the PBS series American Experience, he narrated The Kennedys, among others.

What is Stacy Keach known for?

Perhaps best known around the world for his portrayal of the hard-boiled detective, Mike Hammer, Stacy Keach is also well-known among younger generations for his portrayal of the irascible, hilarious Dad, Ken Titus, in the Fox sitcom, Titus, and more recently as Warden Henry Pope in the hit series, Prison Break.

What is Stacy’s narrator?

“American Greed” is narrated by stage, screen, and television actor Stacy Keach. He is best known for his portrayal of Detective Mike Hammer and his Golden Globe-winning portrayal of Ernest Hemingway.

How old is Stacy Keach now?

80 years (June 2, 1941)
Stacy Keach/Age

Who was Stacy Keach married to?

Malgosia Tomassim. 1986
Jill Donohuem. 1981–1986Marilyn Aikenm. 1975–1979
Stacy Keach/Spouse

Is Stacy Keach married to Jane Seymour?

Keach, 73, and Seymour were married from 1993 until they separated in 2013; their divorce was finalized in 2015.

What happened to Stacy Keach?

Stacy Keach, 77, is a stage, TV and movie actor who has starred in more than 75 films, including “Fat City” and “The Bourne Legacy.” He currently is on the CBS sitcom “Man With a Plan” and narrates CNBC’s “American Greed.” He spoke with Marc Myers.

Is Stacy Keach the narrator for American greed?

Stacy Keach
American Greed/Narrated by

Does Stacy Keach have a hair lip?

Stacy: I was born with a cleft lip and a partial cleft palate. I had four surgeries as a child: shortly after birth, at six months, then at a year and a half, and finally, at four years of age.

How old is James Keach?

73 years (December 7, 1947)
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Who were the Keach brothers?

James Keach
Stacy Keach/Brothers

Who is James Keach married to?

Jane Seymourm. 1993–2015
Mimi Maynardm.?–1993
James Keach/Spouse

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