Is Sotomayor Hispanic?

Is Sotomayor Hispanic?

Soniar Maria Sotomayor is the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice in the history of the United States. She was born on June 25, 1954 in the Bronx borough in New York City. Sotomayor’s parents, Juan Sotomayor and Celine Báez, were immigrants from Puerto Rico.

What does Sonia Sotomayor do for a living?

Sonia Sotomayor/Professions
Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? Sonia Sotomayor became a U.S. District Court Judge in 1992 and was elevated to the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in 1998. In 2009, she was confirmed as the first Latina Supreme Court justice in U.S. history.

How old is Judge Sotomayor?

67 years (June 25, 1954)
Sonia Sotomayor/Age

Is Justice Sotomayor a Catholic?

Three of the 17 chief justices have been Catholics, and one Jewish justice, Abe Fortas, was unsuccessfully nominated to be chief justice….Religion.

Name Sonia Sotomayor
Religion Catholicism
Appt. by Obama
On the Court since 2009

Does Sonia Sotomayor siblings?

Juan Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor/Siblings

What nationality is Sonia Sotomayor?

Sonia Sotomayor/Nationality

What nationality is Sotomayor?

Where did Sotomayor grow up?

Sotomayor was raised a Catholic and grew up in Puerto Rican communities in the South Bronx and East Bronx; she self-identifies as a “Nuyorican”.

Is Elena Kagan married?

Kagan is known to spend time with longtime friends from law school and her stint in the Clinton administration rather than attending DC social events she is invited to as a justice. She has never married.

How old is Stephen Breyer?

83 years (August 15, 1938)
Stephen Breyer/Age

What ethnicity is John Roberts?

John Glover Roberts Jr. was born on January 27, 1955, in Buffalo, New York, the son of Rosemary (née Podrasky; 1929–2019) and John Glover “Jack” Roberts Sr. (1928–2008). His father had Irish and Welsh ancestry, and his mother was a descendant of Slovak immigrants from Szepes, Hungary.

Who was the first African American to sit on the US Supreme Court?

Thurgood Marshall
Thurgood Marshall was the first African American to serve as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. He joined the Court in 1967, the year this photo was taken. On October 2, 1967, Thurgood Marshall took the judicial oath of the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the first Black person to serve on the Court.

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