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Is Ravenous a noun or verb?

Is Ravenous a noun or verb?

adjective. rav·​en·​ous | \ ˈra-və-nəs , ˈrav-nəs \

Is Ravenous a adjective?

ravenous adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

Is Ravenous a noun verb adverb or adjective?

RAVENOUS (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Can ravenous be a noun?

Quality of being ravenous.

What is the base word of ravenous?

When not applied to water, raviner could mean “to rush” and “to take by force.” The oldest English word derived from this root is the archaic noun ravin, which means “plunder” or “something seized as prey,” and it also gives us ravenous, which went from meaning “devouring with voracious eagerness”—used of animals …

What does the word pratfall mean?

fall on the buttocks
Definition of pratfall 1 : a fall on the buttocks. 2 : a humiliating mishap or blunder.

What is a ravenous appetite?

Definition of ravenous appetite : a great desire for food After hiking all day, I had a ravenous appetite.

Can ravishing mean hungry?

Ravenous is commonly used with the meaning “very eager or greedy for food, satisfaction, or gratification,” and ravishing means “unusually attractive, pleasing, or striking.” If you find yourself hungry and standing in front of a spectacular-looking meal you would say (of the food) “that looks ravishing,” and (of …

What is the word for extremely hungry?

extremely hungry; famished; voracious: feeling ravenous after a hard day’s work.

What part of speech is pratfall?

pratfall ​Definitions and Synonyms ​noun countable. UK /ˈprætˌfɔːl/

Where does the term pratfall come from?

pratfall (n.) “a comedy fall,” by 1930, said to be a word from burlesque or vaudeville theater, from prat “buttock” + fall (n.).

What is the sentence of ravenous?

Ravenous sentence example. As time goes on, your pet will develop a ravenous appetite. The wolf is a ravenous beast, and thirsts for blood. After several days without food the tortoise will become ravenous .

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