Is Greenland the coldest country?

Is Greenland the coldest country?

GREENLAND Throughout the year the state stays covered under the blanket of ice and snow. Greenland is also the largest island in the world with the coldest temperatures ever recorded.

Which country has the lowest temperature in Europe?

List of countries and territories by extreme temperatures

Country/Region Coldest Range
Saudi Arabia * −12.0 °C 10.4 °F 64.0 °C 115.2 °F
Singapore * 19.0 °C 66.2 °F 18.0 °C 32.4 °F
South Korea * −32.8 °C −27.0 °F 73.8 °C 132.8 °F
Syria * −23.0 °C

What is the coldest temperature in Europe?

WMO Region VI (Europe, Continent only): Lowest Temperature

Record Value -58.1°C (-72.6°F)
Date of Event 31/12/1978
Instrumentation Maximum/Minimum Thermometer in Standard Stevenson Screen
Geospatial Location Ust ‘Schugor, Russia [57°45’E, 64°15’N, 85 m (279 ft)]

Where is the snowiest place in Europe?

1. Warth-Schröcken, Austria. Warth and Schröcken share the snowiest ski area in Europe, with a seasonal average of 10.5m. Other nearby villages are also super-snowy, such as Damüls, which gets over 9m a season and markets itself as the “snowiest village in the world”.

Where is the coldest city in Europe?

Reykjavík, Iceland: Europe’s city with the lowest daytime temperatures….Eastern Europe.

High °F 46.2
High °C 7.9
City Kazan, Russia
Low °F 31.8
Low °C -0.1

Where is the coolest place in Europe?

Europe’s northernmost city has the continent’s coolest summers. No other major city stays anywhere as tepid as Reykjavík, Iceland, where maximum temperatures average a meagre 12.7 degrees Celsius (54.8 degrees Fahrenheit)….Southern Europe.

High °F 76.4
High °C 24.7
City Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Low °F 56.8
Low °C 13.8

Is Norway colder than Russia?

4. Norway. Given Russia’s overall coldness is largely the result of the climate in the predominantly Asian region of Siberia, it’s probably more accurate to look upon Norway as the coldest country in Europe.

Which country has the most snowfall in Europe?

Within the Scandinavian region, Finland has the greatest number of snow days in Europe.

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