Is China Anne McClain a Millionaire?

Is China Anne McClain a Millionaire?

China Anne McClain net worth: China Anne McClain is an American actress and singer who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. China Anne McClain is probably most famous for appearing in Disney Channel’s A.N.T Farm.

Is China McClain a twin?

China Anne and Lauryn McClain are officially twins – well, sort of. The two singer/actress sisters are often mistaken for actual twins, even though they are almost two years apart.

Is China Anne McClain a Virgo?

What is the zodiac sign of China Anne McClain? Zodiac sign of China Anne McClain is Virgo.

Is China McClain Uma?

In July, Descendants 2 premiered, in which she played the villain Uma, the daughter of Ursula. In August 2019, McClain reprised her role as Uma in Descendants 3.

What does China Anne McClain do now?

China Anne McClain Now Post A.N.T. Farm, China had a few smaller roles in television series like R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour and Bones. She then went on to voice the character of Freddie in Descendants: Wicked World.

Where does China Anne McClain live?

Los Angeles
China Anne McClain/Places lived

Why was Ant Farm Cancelled?

The reason ANT Farm ended was because China wanted to start working on music for her band, McClain, and wanted to do more edgier sounds in their music leaving her to want to depart from the Disney image. The show’s third season didnt do as well as the first two.

Why did McClain leave Black Lightning?

China Anne McClain left Black Lightning to explore other projects and possibilities. “I have a lot of stories that I want to tell,” said McClain. “It was just time to go and time to focus on my babies that I’m developing with my production company and my family.”

How old is McClain?

23 years (August 25, 1998)
China Anne McClain/Age

How old was China Anne McClain during ant farm?

A.N.T. Farm airs its season 3 premiere on Friday. Returning as star of the show is 14-year-old China Anne McClain, who plays Chyna, a musical prodigy in the Advanced Natural Talents program.

How old is Sofia Carson?

28 years (April 10, 1993)
Sofia Carson/Age

Who played Evie in descendants?

Sofia CarsonDescendants: Wicked World
Evie/Played by

Evie (right) is played by newcomer Sofia Carson and is the daughter of the Evil Queen, played by Kathy Najimy (Hocus Pocus, Sister Act).

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