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How old is George Strait?

How old is George Strait?

69 years (May 18, 1952)
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(WKRN) – Happy Birthday to George Strait, who turns 69 years old Tuesday. 1. George Strait was born on May 18, 1952, in Poteet, Texas.

Who are the members of the Ace in the Hole Band?

Gene Elders
George StraitLead VocalsMike KennedyBobby JarzombekRichard Casanova
Ace in the Hole Band/Members

Is the Ace in the Hole Band still together?

The Ace in the Hole Band is the backup band for country music performer George Strait, who was the band’s lead singer before beginning his solo career in the early 1980s….

Ace in the Hole Band
Years active 197?–1975 (as Stoney Ridge) 1975–present (as Ace in the Hole)
Labels D Records, MCA, Texas World

What happened to George Strait’s drummer?

George Strait’s longtime drummer Mike Kennedy was killed Friday in a three-car crash on a highway outside of Lebanon, Tennessee. He was 59. Strait’s rep confirmed Kennedy’s death to Rolling Stone.

How old is Loretta Lynn?

89 years (April 14, 1932)
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How old is Cher?

75 years (May 20, 1946)

What is the name of George Strait’s band?

Ace in the Hole Band
George Strait/Music groups

Who is Marty Slayton?

Marty Slayton has forged a career as one of country music’s busiest backup singers. She’s sung with the likes of Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack, Lorrie Morgan and Alan Jackson throughout the course of her 20-plus-year career, but she’s best known for singing backup in George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band.

Who is George Strait new drummer?

FATES WARNING and Sebastian Bach drummer Bobby Jarzombek is now playing drums for the legendary country music artist George Strait. Jarzombek says: “As the newest member of [George’s] ACE IN THE HOLE band, last Saturday we played a private event in Austin, Texas and everything was awesome!

Does George Strait have a new drummer?

What happened to Mike Kennedy?

Mike Kennedy was born in March in Anchorage Alaska. He died at the age of 59 in a three-car crash on a highway in Lebanon, Tennessee. On Friday, 1 September 2018, he died in a three-car crash on a Highway.

How Old Is Garth Brooks?

59 years (February 7, 1962)
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Who was the lead singer of Ace in the hole?

The band members posted bulletins around the campus of Southwest Texas. One was noticed by an agricultural science student, George Strait. He contacted the band and was hired after an audition. Soon after, the group was renamed “Ace in the Hole” and George quickly became the lead singer.

Who was the ace in the Hole drummer that died?

Sadly, the Ace in the Hole Band and music community at large lost a giant when Mike Kennedy died in a car accident in 2018. Kennedy performed as the Ace in the Hole band’s drummer for more than 30 years.

When did ace in the hole first play?

And that’s precisely when a young agricultural science major named George Strait answered the call. After formally changing their name to Ace in the Hole, the band played their first show ever at Kent Finlay’s honky-tonk Cheatham Street Warehouse on October 13, 1975.

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