How old is Cheslav In no safe place?

How old is Cheslav In no safe place?

Cheslav. No safe place is about a fifteen-year-old boy called Abdul, an Iraqi Kurd, he escapes his war-torn home,Baghdad and travels for four months across six countries only to hit a dead-end in the Jungle in Calais, a community of migrants trying to survive.

How old is Jonah in no safe place?

A sudden skirmish leaves the boat stalled in the middle of the Channel, the pilot dead, and four young people remaining — Abdul; Rosalia, a Romani girl who has escaped from the white slave trade; Cheslav, gone AWOL from a Russian military school; and Jonah, the boat pilot’s ten-year-old nephew.

Where is Abdul from no safe place?

Fifteen-year-old Abdul is a Kurd from Baghdad. Abdul’s father and brothers were killed by an American bomb during the initial phase of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, his mother murdered a few years later by a religious militia.

How many pages are in no safe place?

Product Information

Publisher ‎Groundwood Books (13 September 2011)
Paperback ‎208 pages
ISBN-10 ‎0888999747
ISBN-13 ‎978-0888999740
Reading age ‎12 – 17 years

How old is Abdul in no safe place?

Abdul, a fifteen year old Iraqi, is an orphan whose father and brothers were killed in Iraq by American bombs in 2003. Two years later, his mother was driving him and an orphaned neighbor, Fatima, when two men shot and killed her for driving a car.

Where does no safe place by Deborah Ellis take place?

The novel NO SAFE PLACE by, Deborah Ellis is an amazing read. The story takes place in Calais, where Abdul,a young teenage migrant roams the streets .Devastating events have cost him his family, and friends when he lived in his old country. Though now he can escape to a better place, away from all the war and disaster.

Who is the author of no safe place?

No Safe Place by Deborah Ellis is a great action, adventure book. Three teenagers go on a journey trying to get to England, but they have to cross the English Channel. In this book the author puts you in their place, homeless teenaggers looking for a place that they can live, and a better life.

Where did Deborah Ellis go in her life?

Deborah Ellis. Deborah Ellis has been all over the world. And she hasn’t just visited places, she’s done things. Big things. She went to Pakistan to help at an Afghan Refugee Camp; she went to Israel and the Ghaza Strip to talk with Israeli and Palestinian children; and she went to Malawi and Tanzania to spend time with children orphaned by…

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