How many trips did Zhang Qian make for Emperor Wu?

How many trips did Zhang Qian make for Emperor Wu?

A diplomat for a Ancient Empire Zhang Qian was the greatest explorer in ancient China, having made two long journeys in 139 and 115 b.c.e.He was also an important diplomat for the Han emperor Wu.

What did Zhang Qian accomplish?

Zhang Qian, Wade-Giles romanization Chang Ch’ien, (born, Chenggu [now in Shaanxi province], China—died 114 bce), Chinese explorer, the first man to bring back a reliable account of the lands of Central Asia to the court of China.

When Zhang Qian went to the western regions for the second time he returned to Chang An in?

In 119 BC, Zhang Qian set off on his second journey to the Western Regions, in order to ally with Wusun (in Ili) Valley) against the Huns.

Why did the Han emperor sent Zhang Qian and 100 men West?

In 138 B.C.E., a Han emperor sent Zhang Qian west with 100 men. His mission was to form an alliance with western peoples against China’s northern enemy, the Huns. Zhang Qian traveled across central Asia to what is now the country of Iran. Twice he was taken prisoner by the Huns.

How long did Zhang Qian travel?

He died c. 114 BC after spending twenty-five years travelling on these dangerous and strategic missions. Although at a time in his life he was regarded with disgrace for being defeated by the Xiongnu, by the time of his passing he had been bestowed with great honours by the emperor.

Why was Zhang Qian called the father of the Silk Road?

A Chinese explorer named Zhang Qian is often called the Father of the Silk Road. His travels opened the way for trade between China and its western neighbors. Zhang Qian was not able to form an alliance. But his trip was a success in other ways as it helped the Chinese learn about cul- tures to the west.

What did Zhang Qian discover when he explored westward?

Zhang Qian returned in 125 BC with detailed news for the Emperor, showing that sophisticated civilizations existed to the West, with which China could advantageously develop relations.

How far West did Zhang Qian travel?

After obtaining the help of the king of Dayuan, Zhang Qian went south-west to the territory of the Yuezhi, with whom he was supposed to obtain a military alliance against the Xiongnu. “The Great Yuezhi live some 2,000 or 3,000 li (1,000 or 1,500 kilometres) west of Dayuan, north of the Gui (Oxus) river.

What did Zhang Qian discover in West China?

Zhang Qian had a pioneering and adventurous spirit as well as a strong and unyielding character. In 139 BC, with the command of Emperor Han Wudi of the Han dynasty, he led more than 100 people to the western region and opened the north-south road to the western region, namely the famous silk road.

What did Zhang Qian bring back to China from his journeys?

List three things Zhang Qian brought back to China from his journeys. Grapes, Stronger Horses, and Knowledge from other cultures.

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