How many series of MI High are there?

How many series of MI High are there?

The line-up of spies has altered between the show’s seven series….

M.I. High
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 88 (list of episodes)
Producer Alison Jackson

Why did Daisy and Blane leave MI High?

In “The Big Freeze”, she considered herself as useless in the team. After the end of series 2, both Daisy and Blane leave the series to be in project Alpha, training new spies.

What happened to Zoe in MI High?

In “The Fall of SKUL” she was shot by The Grand Master and in “Prison Break” she was cut by a security laser in the vents. If Aneisha had not of let Zoe keep her book she would have been killed in, “The Fall of SKUL” from being hit with The Grand Master’s laser.

Why did Rose leave MI High?

In Series 3, “Think Tank”; Rose is sent to another school. Forcing her to leave Saint Hope’s and M.I. High. Her brain is then wiped, meaning that she can’t remember anything.

Who was the villain in MI High?

the Grand Master
The identity of the villain across the series, the Grand Master, remains a mystery within the show, although a glance at the credits reveal that since series 2 he has been played by Julian Bleach. In series 1 his voice was performed by Kerry Shale and a “supporting artist” appeared on screen in shadow. M.I.

When was MI High made?

January 8, 2007
M.I. High/First episode date

Who was the bad guy in M.I. High?

The Grand Mistress is a super villain and toy factory owner. She is the leader of SKUM and has appeared in two episodes; “The Bunny Whisperer” and “The B Team”. She also appeared in the M.I. High game “Catch The Grand Mistress”.

When was M.I. High made?

Who is the bad guy in MI High?

The Grand Master (S.K.U.L. Super Villain, Series 1-6), voiced by Kerry Shale (Series 1), played and voiced by Julian Bleach (Series 2-6).

What happened to Tess in spooks?

Tessa joined MI5 in the early 80’s and eventually headed up her own counter-terrorism unit, known as Section K. While working on a case with Zoe, the latter discovered that some of Tessa’s officers were not real people. She then left MI5 branded a traitor. In series 2, she runs her own private security firm.

Who plays Kerry in MI High?

Charlene Osuagwu
Carrie Stewart (Saint Hope’s Student / M.I. 9 Spy, Series 3-5) played by: Charlene Osuagwu. Carrie is the team’s martial arts expert.

Who plays Daisy Miller in MI High?

Bel PowleyM.I. High
Daisy Millar/Played by

How many episodes of M.I.High are there?

The BBC confirmed on 12 November 2006 that a 10 episodes series, lasting 30 minutes each would be transmit early 2007 on CBBC channel. M.I. High was shown as part of the BBC’s HD trial, available to viewers with HD services and was the first CBBC television program to be filmed and transmitted in High Definition.

When did the last series of M.I.High end?

M.I. High officially came to an end on 21st March 2011. Series 6 was revived in 2013 with Aneisha Jones, Dan Morgan, Tom Tupper, and Zoe and a new school called Saint Hearts then Series 7 with Aneisha Jones, Dan Morgan and Tom Tupper once again but this time with a new addition: Keri Summers .

How did Mansour die in mi 5 Season 5?

On the steps of the courthouse moments after being released however, Mansour is shot and killed with the assassin, Daniel Ellis, promptly committing suicide. After a second suicide attack claims the life of a radical Muslim cleric, an anti-Islamic organization known as the Sons of Phineas claim responsibility.

Where can I watch the movie M.I.High?

M.I. High is recorded in high definition and is shown on the CBBC Channel and CBBC Outputs on BBC One and BBC Two. M.I. High is also shown on the BBC HD Channel. Repeats also frequently air in Australia on ABC3.

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