How many pages are in the book Stuart Little?

How many pages are in the book Stuart Little?

Stuart Little/Page count

Why was Stuart Little banned?

E. B. The book White was trying to write was Stuart Little. It was finally published in 1945 and Moore hated it. She banned it from the New York Public Library, her influence shut it out of the Newbery Medal, and she wrote a scathing letter to the Whites saying the book must have been written by “a sick mind.”

How many words are in Stuart Little?

Stuart Little

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 18841

What age is Stuart Little book appropriate for?

Book Information

ISBN: 9780141354835
Publisher: Puffin Books an imprint of Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 192 pages
Suitable for: 7+ readers, 9+ readers

How long is Stuart Little book?

Stuart Little

First edition
Author E. B. White
Publication date 1945
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 128

Is Stuart Little Dead?

Stuart W. Little, whose many newspaper articles and books chronicled developments in the theater from the 1950s to the ’70s, died last Sunday in Canaan, Conn. He was 86. “This is the fabulous invalid’s story, told in multitudinous detail by two sympathetic friends,” The New York Times Book Review said.

Does Stuart Little ever find Margalo?

A bird named Margalo is adopted by the Little family, and Stuart protects her from Snowbell, by shooting an arrow in Snowbell’s ear. As the book ends, he has not yet found Margalo, but feels confident he will do so.

How many Stuart Little books did EB White write?

three books
In 1941 White edited with his wife A Subtreasury of American Humor. His three books for children—Stuart Little (1945, film 1999), Charlotte’s Web (1952, film 1973 and 2006), and The Trumpet of the Swan (1970)—are considered classics, featuring lively animal protagonists who seamlessly interact with the human world.

Will there be Stuart Little 4?

Stuart Little 4 is an upcoming American family adventure comedy film, directed by Rob Minkoff and produced by Columbia Pictures and Red Wagon Entertainment and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

Does Stuart Little have bad words?

There is more profanity than you would think for a family movie: “damn” and “hell” plus plenty of mild mean words and phrases such as “shut up” and “loser.” There are also some moments of peril, as Stuart is in constant danger from the cats who do not want to accept him as being part of his adoptive family.

Is Stuart Little read aloud good?

A wonderful children’s book My parents read this book aloud to me when I was in preschool, and I was fascinated by Stuart’s adventures, which only became more interesting once I read it by myself. All of E.B. Since it is a chapter book with few pictures, it’s best read a little at a time with younger kids.

Is Stuart Little a fantasy book?

Stuart Little is a 1945 American children’s novel by E. B. White. It was White’s first children’s book, and it is now widely recognized as a classic in children’s literature. The book is a realistic yet fantastical story about a mouse-like human boy named Stuart Little.

Who is the author of the book Stuart Little?

Stuart Little is a 1945 American children’s novel by E. B. White. It was White’s first children’s book, and it is now widely recognized as a classic in children’s literature. Stuart Little was illustrated by the subsequently award-winning artist Garth Williams, also his first work for children.

Who are the main characters in Stuart Little?

In the film, Stuart is adopted instead of born into the Little family and the plot focuses on Stuart looking for his real parents (who were killed in an accident when Stuart was a baby) and Snowbell’s attempt to get rid of him. A 2002 sequel, Stuart Little 2, features the character of Margalo and more closely follows the plot of the book.

How tall is Stuart Little in Stuart Little?

The Question and Answer section for Stuart Little is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Stuart was about two inches high. He had a mouse’s tail, sharp nose, whiskers, and a long tail. By the time he was a few days old, he was already wearing a gray hat and carrying a cane.

Who was the original producer of Stuart Little?

Douglas Wick, the producer of the original films, will produce the remake. “The World of Stuart Little,” a 1966 episode of NBC ‘s Children’s Theater, narrated by Johnny Carson, won a Peabody Award and was nominated for an Emmy.

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