How many Alex Rider books are there 2021?

How many Alex Rider books are there 2021?

The series comprises thirteen novels, as well as six graphic novels, seven short stories, and a supplementary book.

Is nightshade going to be the last Alex Rider book?

Preceded by. Nightshade is the twelfth book in the Alex Rider series, released on April, 7, 2020 in both the U.K. and the United States. It is the longest Alex Rider book to date.

What is the next Alex Rider book?

The new Alex Rider, Nightshade, came out in April 2020 and there is also a new book for this year’s World Book Day – Undercover and a collection of short stories Secret Weapon.

Who is Alex Rider’s girlfriend?

Sabina Pleasure
Sabina Pleasure is a character in the Anthony Horowitz series Alex Rider. She is Alex Rider’s close friend and joins him on several missions….

Sabina Pleasure
Full Name Sabina Pleasure
Alias Sabina, Sab
Origin Skeleton Key
Occupation Ballgirl at Wimbledon (formerly) and American high school student (currently)

Who killed Alex Rider clone?

But clone Alex is also too big a loose end and Yassen sniper shoots him from a rooftop. He briefly toys with the idea of killing the real Alex too — but something stays his hand. That he has plans for Alex is evident, which confirms that he too will be back in Season 2.

Who kisses Alex Rider?

Alex’s relationship with Sabina takes a turn during their first holiday in Cornwall, when the two share a slight kiss one night. The next day they went out for a surfing trip, when Alex is knocked out by a massive wave and Sabina gives him CPR. Sabina soon leaves Britain to live in America.

Does Alex Rider have a crush?

Ayisha, Alex’s school crush, is a new character for the TV show. In the Stormbreaker movie, you might remember that Alex had something of a romance with Sabina Pleasure – a character that was originally introduced to the canon in Skeleton Key (book three in the series).

How old is Alex Rider in Stormbreaker?

Plot. Alex Rider is a 14-year-old schoolboy who lives with his uncle Ian and their housekeeper Jack Starbright.

Is Alex Rider’s uncle really dead?

In the TV series, Ian Rider dies during the early events of Point Blanc, but is still killed by Yassen Gregorovich to prevent him from discovering any further information. His death leads Alex to become entangled with MI6.

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