How long did Daniel Webster live?

How long did Daniel Webster live?

Daniel Webster
Born January 18, 1782 Salisbury, New Hampshire, U.S.
Died October 24, 1852 (aged 70) Marshfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
Political party Federalist (before 1825) National Republican (1825–1833) Whig (1833–1852)
Spouse(s) Grace Fletcher Caroline LeRoy Webster

What is Daniel Webster most famous for?

American statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852) earned fame for his staunch support of the federal government and his skills as an orator. As U.S. secretary of state, he helped ease border tensions with Britain through negotiations of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty in 1842. …

Was Daniel Webster black?

Childhood. Daniel Webster was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire, on January 18, 1782. His parents were Ebenezer, who worked as a tavern owner and a farmer and was also involved in politics, and his second wife, Abigail. While a child, Daniel earned the nickname “Black Dan” for his dark skin and black hair and eyes.

How old is Daniel Webster?

70 years (1782–1852)
Daniel Webster/Age at death

Where was John C Calhoun born?

Abbeville, SC
John C. Calhoun/Place of birth

Was Henry Clay a Whig?

Henry Clay of Kentucky, a former secretary of state, speaker of the house, and powerful voice in the senate known as the “Great Compromiser,” was the leader of the Whig Party. Other prominent Whigs include William Seward of New York, Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania and Horace Greeley.

Who created the Webster dictionary?


Parent company Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
Founder George Merriam, Charles Merriam
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Springfield, Massachusetts
Publication types Reference books, online dictionaries

Who was Daniel Webster’s wife?

Caroline LeRoym. 1829–1852
Grace Fletcherm. 1808–1828
Daniel Webster/Wife

How many kids does Daniel Webster have?

six children
Webster is married to the former Sandra Jordan of Orlando, and they have six children: David, Brent, Jordan, Elizabeth, John, and Victoria, and twenty-one grandchildren. Webster is active in his church, First Baptist Church of Central Florida.

Was there a president Calhoun?

Calhoun was a candidate for the presidency in the 1824 election. After failing to gain support, he agreed to be a candidate for vice president….

John C. Calhoun
In office March 4, 1825 – December 28, 1832
President John Quincy Adams (1825–1829) Andrew Jackson (1829–1832)
Preceded by Daniel D. Tompkins

Where is Daniel Webster from?

Salisbury, NH
Daniel Webster/Place of birth

What party was William Crawford?

Democratic Party
William H. Crawford/Parties

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