How hot can the Human Torch go?

How hot can the Human Torch go?

The Torch can release all of his body’s stored energy in one intense, omni-directional “nova-burst,” which can reach about 1,000,000 F, and which is similar to the heat-pulse of a nuclear warhead detonation, with an are of total devastation of about 900 feet in diameter.

What is human torch weakness?

Weaknesses. Lack of oxygen: Human Torch is vulnerable to lack of oxygen as he’s not allowed to fly in space. Water: Human Torch is weak against water, which may extinguish his flames.

Can the Human Torch fly into the sun?

Originally Answered: Can the human torch fly through space? No. Many a villain has defeated the Torch by depriving him of oxygen needed to sustain his flame. Space is a vacuum.

Can Human Torch reach supernova?

When his baseline powers are active, the Human Torch is wrapped in a low-intensity flame of low-level plasma, he burns at about 780 degrees Fahrenheit. They are his highest and hottest levels of plasma that are used to create the nova-burst.

Can the Human Torch get burned?

Immunity to Fire & Heat: The Human Torch is unaffected by heat and flames, including his own, even when part of him is aflame and the rest of him is not. His flesh cannot be scalded or burned by any heat source whose level is below that of his maximum output.

Can the thing turn human?

At times, he has been able to revert to human form or was stuck in it entirely without any powers to speak of. In some cases, Grimm reverted to human form inexplicably and for long periods of time. In another story-arc, he gained the ability to simply switch from human form to Thing form at will.

Is Human Torch smart?

Thermokinesis: The Human Torch has the ability to mentally control the ambient heat energy within his immediate environment, even when he himself is not aflame.

Does Human Torch have kids?

In Earth-98 universe, Johnny married Crystal and has a daughter named Luna and a son named Ray. He is also the leader of the Fantastic Four.

Is Johnny Storm Omega-level?

By any measure, Storm is one of the X-Men’s most powerful members. While that term and classification has been used inconsistently over the years, Storm has been called an Omega-Level mutant, a potential Omega-Level mutant and a slightly weaker Alpha-Level mutant in various stories and interviews.

Does the thing bleed?

His skin can endure extreme changes in atmospheric pressure and temperatures ranging from -75 to 800° Fahrenheit (-59.4 to 426.6° Celsius). He can exist comfortably at the ocean floor (though he would still need oxygen). When injured, he doesn’t bleed, but chips!

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