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How does a trunk actuator work?

How does a trunk actuator work?

The trunk lock actuator is the electric motor that can be remotely triggered via the fob device or is activated by pressing a button inside the vehicle. The trunk lock actuator then releases the trunk latch so the trunk can be opened. All of this is done without you having to insert a key into the lock cylinder.

Where is the trunk latch?

Pull up on the trunk release lever located to the left of the driver’s seat. Lock the trunk release lever with your master key to prevent someone from opening the trunk. If they need to lock/unlock the doors or drive your vehicle, give them your valet key.

Why is my trunk latch not working?

A trunk latch that does not release or appears to be stuck usually can be fixed. A latch can become stuck if the vehicle is kept outside and moisture corrodes the gears or the latch mechanism. If you cannot open the trunk from outside, you’ll need to gain access to the latch from inside the vehicle to fix it.

Why will my trunk not latch?

Examine the latch and the area where it connects to the body of the car. Either of these might have become bent out of shape or damaged in some other way if the trunk has been shut with an obstruction in the way. If the body work is warped or out of shape, the latch could be out of alignment.

Why does my trunk button not work?

This could be a sign of anything from the fob battery going bad, the wires and electronics associated with the trunk actuator switch, or something as simple as a blown fuse needing replaced. In some cases, there could be an issue with your vehicle’s battery that is causing the interruption in the signal itself.

How do you test a trunk pull down motor?

To test the motor, simply put your negative and positive from the battery or adapter to the two metal tabs. The motor should whir to live and the latch should either move up or down, depending on the polarity of your connection. If nothing happens, you know your motor has a problem.

How do I know if my trunk latch is bad?

The most common symptom that indicates that the latch itself is damaged is when the trunk will not shut or lock into place. This is typically caused by the top trunk latch mechanism being jammed closed and unable to open when the key is inserted or the remote is triggered to activate the electric solenoid.

Is there a fuse for the trunk?

The fuses in the trunk protect electrical components such as the power seats*, airbags and seat belt tensioners. The fuse box is located on the right-hand side. There are also spaces for several extra fuses in the distribution box in the engine compartment. …

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