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How do you use sprightly?

How do you use sprightly?

Sprightly in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The sprightly old woman walks two miles every day.
  2. While the dog is very old, it is sprightly and enjoys playing in the backyard.
  3. The sprightly little boy refused to sit down.
  4. If Ann becomes sprightly by exercising three times a week, she can easily drop the extra weight.

What is a sprightly dance?

Answer. Sprightly dance means dance of joy and ecstasy. The flowers were dancing joyously, as if in rapture, in the gentle breeze.

What is a Spright?

spright (plural sprights) Obsolete spelling of sprite. (obsolete) Spirit; mind; soul; state of mind; mood. quotations â–Ľ (obsolete) A supernatural being; a spirit; a shade; an apparition; a ghost.

What is back drop?

Backdrop refers to the background or setting of a situation or event. It can refer to something physically located in the background of something else, such as a backdrop used for a photo shoot.

Which part of speech is sprightly?

animated, vivacious, or gay; lively.

What does Jocund mean in poetry?

Definition of jocund : marked by or suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness a poet could not but be gay, in such a jocund company— William Wordsworth.

What is sprightly dance answer?

Answer: ‘Sprightly dance’ means full of spirit and vitality. When the daffodils are described as tossing “their heads”, this gives the feeling of a peaceful utopian place, is also lively and spirited.

What does sprightly in sprightly dance mean?

Explanation: the meaning of sprightly dance in the poem daffodils is. full of spirit and vitality / lively / brisk. the golden daffodils were happily tossing their head from one side to another with the help of the wind.

Is Spright a word?

Spright′fully, in a sprightful manner, briskly, vigorously.

How do you spell Spright?

adjective, spright·li·er, spright·li·est. animated or vivacious; lively. in a sprightly manner.

What is the stage backdrop called?

In theater and film, a cyclorama (abbreviated cyc in the United States and the UK) is a large curtain or wall, often concave, positioned at the back of the apse. It often encircles or partially encloses the stage to form a background.

What is event backdrop?

Event Backdrop is a visually striking, flexible branding solution to give your event impact. It’s a photographic quality print on fabric, that is illuminated to leave an impression. It’s a great way of delivering a message, promoting a product, reinforcing the message of an event, or building recognition of your brand.

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